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WRD 104

No description

Kate Gothing

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of WRD 104

Berlin Zoo
Animal Stressors

Proximity to humans
Exhibit space and habitats
Wild vs Captivity
Abundance of food
Adaptation problems
Reduce in behavioral instincts
Lack of enegry
Traditional vs Modren Exhibits
Problems with Artifical Exhibits
Lack of foliage
Concrete walls
Hot wires
Zoo Finances
Budget cuts
Educational signs
Humans vs. Animals
Young children
Parents don't care
Interacting with the animals
Loud noises that scare the animals
WelTrak software
How to Fix Zoos
Distance from visitors
Tinted glass
Improve living conditions
Space and habitat
Personal space
Only keep animals that thrive in captivity
Do You Think the Animals Should Be Freed?
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