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My Life in Pictures: Clarissa Gonzalez

Photos of my family and me throughout the course of my life.

Clarissa Gonzalez

on 2 August 2012

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Transcript of My Life in Pictures: Clarissa Gonzalez

My Life in Pictures: Clarissa Gonzalez It begins with my grandparents My Mom's
Parents My Dad's Mom My Dad's Dad And along came my father... Who then met my mother... and then got married! After 1 year, a baby boy was born Meet my brother:
John Randolph Gonzalez Life was great... He was the first born on my
Mom's side of the family But then I came along! I seemed to make my mom happy We were some cute kids How could you say no to that face? My brother and I are
affectionately known as:
Beauty & the Beast Even as a child,
I was expected to
have big aspirations.. and my dad taught me that I'm his princess Not to mention a diva... and a fearless beach lover! But mostly, I
was just a happy kid I'm convinced my learning happens when I sleep... This is the only known
documentation of me learning how to
"cook." And even at that age
the concept didn't sit
well with me. My favorite dress and my favorite "hobby" Time passed and
my cousin came
along: Oscar, who taught me how to share And we got a puppy:
Buddy (named after Budweiser) who taught me responsibility My dad also taught me determination and hard work! And I learned teamwork in my dance class. My parents emphasized the importance of traveling and seeing new things My mom claims I
chose this haircut---
I call BS! This haircut taught me humility! Luckily, hair grows back :) My other cousin, Laura, came
along and she taught me to always be strong. Soon after, my other cousins:
Manuel and Meli came They taught me to always cherish time spent with
family. My first Holy Communion, I
learned about values, faith,
prayer, and sacrifice. Celebration! U.S. History Family Natural Beauty Art Love Achievement Taking Risks Success Inspiration & Role Models Friendship LIFE!
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