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What role does faith play in science?

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marta perestrelo

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of What role does faith play in science?

What role does faith play in science?
Science: reason, empiricism and evidence.
Religion: revelation, faith and devotion.
Despite differences, scientific innovations were achieved by societies organized by religious traditions.
Middle ages- catholic church responsible for saving scientific knowledge of many ancient civilizations (Greeks, Indians,Egyptians) allowing science to develop in Europe.
Many of the most noted scientists in history (Blaise Pascal, Copernicus, Gregor Mendel) were devout christians.
When it comes to looking at evidence...
Where did humans come from?
Where rational thinking may or may not be influenced by faith

If you truly believe in science can you truly believe in God?
Faith plays a major role in the health of patients.
Plays vital role in the lives of patients who are experiencing life-changing events.
While faith does not play a role in the medical treatment of patients, plays a considerable role in their decisions for treatment and their reaction to the disease.
Science and faith can work together
Science vs Religion
Science and Religion
Growing interest in exploring the role of physicians in patients’ spirituality. Some medical schools should include classes on spirituality to enhance the physicians’ knowledge and awareness of their patients’ faith.
Science is concerned with the how of the universe, religion is concerned with the why.
Problems tend to arise only when they get in each others way.
In some way science is based on faith.
Scientists must have faith since we can never be certain of anything
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