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The Data Bus

IT Interns 2013

Dream Team

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of The Data Bus

The Data Bus

Lexi Klym
Michael Harmon
Louie DeArce
Alex Fehr & Max Naluparayil

Alex & Max
What is Data Architecture?
City road map
No roads = No structure
Bus passengers:
-Business Users
-Technical Users
Everything is
Stop Lights of E-comm
QA - Functionality & Regression Testing
UAT - Business Users
business requirements for testing
Meet daily with developers/IT/Business
What Does the Final Destination Look Like?
What can we do to improve business/sales?
Fact > Feeling
What are our priorities?
What does the final destination look like?
The Basics
Save Time & Money (160 hrs. of labor per yr.)
Produce Opportunities
1.New Projects? Precision Marketing
2.Deeper Analysis? MouseFlow

Why a New Search Engine?
Quality Assurance (QA) & User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Systems & Applications
Data Flow Diagrams = Blueprint
A Practical Example
Stop or Go?
Why Maintenance?
Escalation Process

1. Business Users
Front end tools
Management Center
User friendly apps.
2. Technical Users
Back end tools
Data centric
3. Bringing Users Together
Follow user's requirements
How do you bridge the gap?

How do they help?
Reduce complexity
Resolve errors in retrieving data
Fix inconsistencies between apps.
Lay groundwork for future procedures

Testing Improved On Site Search
Why Do We Need Improved Search?
Lexi's Analysis!
Enhanced Customer Experience
Increases Customer Retention/Loyalty ==> Increased site usage ==> Higher conversion rates ==>

Increased Sales
When Do We Do Maintenance?
Bus needs...
1. Tune-up: Software Patching
2. New Air Intake: Software/Hardware Upgrades
3. Bus Breaks
Ex: Corporate email server runs out of space.
Analysis of
escalation process
Finding best

route to escalate
Contacting right department(s) at right time
Documentation of procedure
Brand Testing
PPC = Pay Per Click
Organic Search =Natural/Free
Hoping for the "Detour"
Still asking
Still using
Benefits of Business Requirements Document
1. Weekly eCommerce Analytics Update

1. End-to-End Test= Instructions
2. BRD = Business Requirements Document
Surcharge issue
No "Oversized"attribute
Multiple layers of error
A3 Testing environment
Management Center
WebSphere Commerce database

Red Light
= do not allow feature to go to production
Yellow Light
= allow for production, still needs adjusting
Green Light
= cleared for production
Testing Features of On Site Search
Does drop down function as required?
Relevant Search Results?
Misspellings and Synonyms
Ex: Tervus; Pajamas vs. Sleepwear

Testing Life Cycle
Test environments
D3 - Developers
A3/Q3 - QA team
S3/P3 - UAT/Business team

Multiple testing environments ensure consistency
Questions and Answers?
You Have Arrived
Ask Why
Business makes ongoing commitments to their
systems involving...
Requires escalation & troubleshooting
Who to Escalate it to?
Tune-ups, enhancements and upgrades require the right person to do the job.
Maintenance windows for all three components:
Virus of Thanksgiving 2012
What we needed then:
Establish system ownership!
Escalation process!
Asset Inventory!
Anti-Virus update on servers!
Service Catalog Project Identifies
Business and Technical Owners
Owner group
Next escalation personnel
What if BeallsFlorida.com on-site search engine breaks down today?
Call center notices impaired search results
1. Identify application name behind on site search engine
2. Identify hardware resources (servers)
3. Identify application components (databases)
4. Identify maintenance windows
5. Leverage escalation process

These are all the steps to efficiently remediate the issue.
Relational model
Central Repository of data
Accessible to all via Sharepoint
Container for future upgrades
Maintenance ensures...
Long term investment protection
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery
Service Catalog software Prototype
Without these, business continuity was in jeopardy and Beall's was left vulnerable.
"Bugs" happen
Who fixes it?
Set Priorities
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