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No description

Jennifer Chappelear

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Pepper

STEM Careers
Pepper The Robot
Robotic End Effector?
This robot's end effector acts similar to a human hand, with similar joints and movements. Pepper's end effector is multifunctional as he can pick up, move, and touch/feel objects.
3D camera to perceive his surroundings
Ultrasound system to avoid obstacles while moving
Tactile sensors to feel touch, and react accordingly
Robots in entertainment
Can take care of itself
can talk and answer questions
can adapt well to different situations
speak several languages
Other aspects
of Pepper

What does Pepper do?
Robotics in
Where does pepper work?
Pepper is meant to live around humans
and help out around the house. He doesn't
cook or clean but you can ask him questions
or just have a nice chat. Pepper could call for help in case of an emergency and can help you stay informed.
by: Sydney Zupnick & Jenn Chappelear
Pepper the robot is a robot made by Aldebaran. Pepper is designed to live and interact socially with humans.
Pepper is designed to interact socially with humans and be helpful around the house. Even though he can't cook or clean, he can read your emotions and have social interactions with you to fit many different situation.
How is Pepper taught?
Pepper is programmed to listen to your voice and analyze your body language/facial expression to read your emotions and react accordingly. Pepper can change his response depending on the situation.
Pepper is the first human like robot that is specifically designed to live with humans. Pepper is also the first "emo" robot, meaning it reads and reacts to human emotion.
Only 14 hours of battery life
Must be connected to internet to provide new information
Slow not fluid movements
robotics technician
robotics engineer
Do more work around the house: cleaning or cooking
Move more fluently
Speak with different emotions
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