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The Scoop on Internships: From Hype to How-To's

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Briana Randall

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Scoop on Internships: From Hype to How-To's

The Scoop on Internships: From Hype to How-To's
from internships.com
from internships.com
view internships

can find internships

can support students

How the
Career Center

supports students & employers
Briana Randall, Associate Director
Emma O'Neill-Myers, Assistant Director
The Career Center
Hart Research Associates found that
of their employer contacts felt that an

internship or community-based field project
would help prepare students
(a lot or a fair amount)
to succeed in the workplace.
Question -
How many of you have had a student ask you for internship advice or resources?

In addition to referring students to the resources already discussed, you can....

National Association of Colleges & Employers heard from 208 employers:
We asked our employer contacts:

"When reviewing applicants for a full-time job, how important is it to you that those candidates have done at least 1 internship? "
Finding Internships
HuskyJobs -
191 internships currently posted

On-Campus Interviews -
33+ internship offers were made in fall 2013

Internship Fair
on Feb 12 -
87 employers registered

Spring Career Fair
on April 17
(and other fairs throughout the year)

Career Center
Social Media

UW Departmental Websites & Email Lists

Carlson Center Blog


Websites -
General job boards, intern sites, employer sites
Proposing Internships
Students should find an organization that
them - because they like the mission, product, or service

Then they should think about what they could (1)
and (2)

Next, they write a "proposal" (very similar to a cover letter) - which includes
they are interested in the organization, what they could
, what types of
they could work on, & how they are
to work on those things

Send proposal & resume (email or mail), preferably to the
specific dept of interest

If no response, try again in 1-2 weeks!

So, does student interest in internships match employers' interest in internships?
Helping Students 1:1
Ask good
about what they want to gain: knowledge, skills, contacts, etc.

broad thinking
: lots of different internships might lead to the long-term goal

Build their

walk them through
how to search sites

Remind them it takes
hard work
to get good work

: behavior, comm., & attire

Discuss getting credit: for the
that takes place in an internship

Stuff You Could Create
Stuff to Think Twice About
"The job I have begun as a paid internship that I found out about from my departmental majors listserve."
(2012 UW Graduate)
Hosting your own
career fair

Starting your own online
internship/job board

Having a listserve or webpage that
doesn't reference
other ways to find internships

user policies
that don't align with ours

Sending names of your "
best & brightest
" students directly to employers who ask
Ideas About Unpaid Internships
We "expect" & "encourage"
employers to pay interns because of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

But we don't force them to do so, because the FLSA's 6 factors are difficult to verify

Academic credit does not count as wages

We encourage students to use their best judgment - sometimes students benefit tremendously from unpaid internships
Students - part 2
Looking for an internship is often a student's first attempt at finding work.

So, they are often quite clueless and surprisingly
un-creative in their approaches.

Here are some strategies we recommend.
Helping students find internships can be a bit of work for advisers but it's worth it.
National survey of 2012 graduates showed:
of those who did at least 1 paid internship received at least 1 job offer
36% of those with no internship experience received an offer
Internship webpage:
Possible web content:
Internship distribution listserve:
- Discussion of importance
- Where alumni interned
- Ideas for types of internships
- Search tips
- Actual internship listings
- Referrals to Career Center
- Instructions for getting credit

- Tips for alumni/employers who want to host an intern
First Destination Survey of 2012-2013 UW Graduates showed:
922 undergraduate alums were in new jobs
got their job by interning
/volunteering/working there previously -

105 undergrad alums were still looking for work
What does the Career Center say about internships?
In addition to the events, handouts, and other resources discussed, the Career Center has:

a student-facing internship page
an employer-facing internship page
a few opinions about internships :-)
But, do employers care enough about internship completion to let it impact their hiring decisions?
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