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Sony Corporation - A Cultural Web

No description

Lubna Dawood

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Sony Corporation - A Cultural Web

Sony Corporation - Cultural Web
Company Background
Sony Corporation was found May 7, 1946.

It is an Electronic Business Unit.

The company is worth 18.87B
Culture is habits, attitudes, and the grown up pattern of the employees in the organization.

A tool to assess the culture of the organization is Cultural Web.
Entry Of Howard Stringer
Took over Sony Corporation in 2005.
Focused on electronic games and entertainment sector.
Closed chain of restaurants and other non-core companies that sony owned.
Power became Centralized.
Cultural Web before Howard Stringer
Cultural Web After Howard Stringer
Rituals and Routines
1) Never fired any of their senior
management team even after retirement.
2) They had followed the Japanese way of culture in following code of respect.
3) If Sony corporation had a problem with a product they would not allow seniors to know and they fix the product on their own that is seniors had no connection with the business.

Power Structure
Executives who had
worked longer in the company had more power over the organization.
Seniors had not offered any of their opinions or values as they had no connection with business as a whole.

Control systems
Budget plans.
Emergency fixes
Emphasizing of quality was not
Lower level employees were not rewarded with bonuses at the ending of the year .

Functional type of organization
Centralized organizational
Lack of communication between various departments and units.

Not customer focused
To improve their financial
positions they had to go through continuous reconstitution.
Lacks new age products
Although the company had believed in the unity of its members and the organization but with all the restructuring the good conduct of the employees were lost.

Seniors were given a lot importance in the company as they never really retired any of its mangers which symbolises the respect given to senior managers.
Medical insurance was provided, in the site fitness centres were provided
Cafeteria, discounts in the gym, programs provided to stop smoking, health associated programs.

The Paradigm
Innovative products
There was unity throughout the company.
Many health related programs, medical insurance.
Seniors were respected.
Engineers driven environment.

Power Structure
Limited Power to Engineers
Complete Power Restructuring
More Responsibility to management

Control Systems
reducing employees resulted in cost controls.
manufacturing companies were combined and closed
Financial control.
Organizational Structure
Flatter organizational
more involvement of management in each business units.
more responsibilities given to senior and middle management.

the gap senior management
and juniors were reduced.
awareness of company's
the expenses of retired senior managers were not bared.
group performance resulted in promotions.
The Paradigm
New Innovative Products.
medical coverage
more stress on harmony.

Rituals and Routines
communication improved
Appreciations were given
more customer involvement.
Change Process included everyone in the organization.

Paradigm did not change fundamentally

Time consuming Change and Uncertain Strategies.

People helped Implement change.

Smooth Change Process

Stringer's Change Management
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