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Iron Ore

STSE Chem Project

Emma Reid

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Iron Ore

Iron Ore Metal Smelting What is Iron Ore? How is the extracted Iron Used?
The process produces great quantities of poisonous and corrosive gases

Byproduct of iron purification is slag (stony waste matter)

Have to cut down a lot of trees to get to a certain part of the land.

Toxic and dangerous chemicals used. Dangers/ Effects on the Environment Dangers for Miners HEy Extracting Process Mineral/rock commonly found in the Earth's crust

Iron Ore taken out of Earth with process of mining

The Iron Ore can then be smelted to create metallic Iron. 2Fe203 + 3C = 4Fe + 3CO2 We want to free the metal

When removed from the earth, it oxidizes with the air very quickly.

Smelting uses heat and a chemical to remove then remove oxygen.

Single displacement rxn needed... Recall.
What non metal is used to isolate Iron? Iron is now on its' own!

98% used to create steel

Magnets, auto parts, artistic instruments and many more
High risk of Radon exposure and physical injury. (When in the tight places for several hours)

Scientists have classified it as carcinogenic and say could cause/effect asthma and bronchitis

Mines built quickly and in such a small space that there is a chance of mine collapse

Either instant death or the workers are trapped for days Though Extracted Iron is very useful in our every day lives, but the process is also very dangerous for the environment and our health. Metal Smelting
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