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Inspiring People: Communications

No description

Matthew Goode

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Inspiring People: Communications

Inspiring People:

in this session...
progress to date
where we're heading
team task
#1 email marketing
key issues:
separate email campaigns
outdated and inconsistent template designs
high SPAM rating
multiple data sources and tools
limited cross-sell / up-sell
consolidate data
clean, de-dupe and segment data
create 'double opt-in' data capture (ssl)
develop unified email template
responsive design for mobile and tablet
deploy via Silverpop email platform

email client
(desktop and

Leisure content

email adapts for mobile format
(single column)

joined-up customer communications
95+% email delivery rate
validated email data capture
eliminated manual unsubscribe process
over 50% access email via mobile device
detailed analytic reporting
SPAM score of 1.1
#2 websites
BIC and Pavilion sites in final stage
of development. New Pyramids site required.
'What's on' page usability
User journeys
key issues:
introduce simple events calendar (phase 1)
remove mandatory search mechanism
simplify navigation
utilise visual assets to enhance usability
combine BIC, Pavilion and Pyramids events
deploy WordPress for Pyramids.co.uk
responsive templates for mobile access
#3 where next?
shift from traditional PR brand development to story telling and content marketing
increase the awareness, improve effectiveness and quality of communcations
how will we get there?
greater emphasis on data insight
iterative step changes
listening and learning
understanding that the channel sometimes *is* the message
passion, hard work and creative thinking
I'm Matt
he's Philip...
thank you
#4 team task
Task #1
Define BH Live's brand story
Task #2
Create elevator pitches for: conference, entertainment and leisure customers
develop acquisition, retention and loyalty programmes
understand customer attitudes and behaviours (data and analytics)
joined-up marketing
single / individual customer view
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