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pokemon 101

No description

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of pokemon 101

How pokemon was made
How pokemon was made
Pokemon actually actually originated from bug catching!
pokemon 101
legendarys are special pokemon that you can only get one of, unless you trade for one, but they usually have two types. they can be powerful, but our opinion is they aren't very strong. exsamples of legendarys are: groudon rayquaza kyogre mew mewtwo yveltal and xerneas.
on every pokemon game you get to pick a starter. Starters are often grass,fire,or water. You have a rival that will often pick what yours is weak against. Starters are your first pokemon.
the new starters are froakie, fennekin, and Chespin.
New Starters
pokemon type chart
any type move against the same type of pokemon will do less damage, like a grass type move used on a grass type. the only exceptions are ghost and dragon types. the zero on the chart means the move does nothing, the two means it is super effective, the 1/2 means it does less damage and nothing in the square means it does normal damage.
you get them by giving them a mega evolution stone, but you can only get one without trading.
the downside is every time you start a battle
you have to click on
the mega evolve

Why pokemon is still popular
How you fight pokemon
first you have to walk in the tall grass around the world. then randomly a pokemon appears.
then you click on
the fight button
and choose your move! then you keep doing it until it faints.
Pokemon is still popular because it is one of a kind and old pokemon buyers can show there children and may buy a copy for them self!
We used: our knowledge of pokemon, pokemon x & y,
serebii.net, and we forgot to note the pictures.
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