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Paola Castellanos

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of TAMALES

Tamal Tolimense
Main Ingredients
It is a traditional meal of the whole country
It's a tradition to eat it in the Christmas Eve
Some Colombian Families make it themselves
On the rest of the year we have it as breakfast
It’s wrapped as a bagful
It is served with
or with
Marinade the pork, chicken & bacon
The meats are placed to cook
The peas are cooked until soft
Carefully mix the rice with peas
In hot skillet cook the pork to get fat
Prepare and clean the leaves
Prepare the dough, white corn flour dissolved in water, season with salt
Close the tamale, Tie with twine making is firmly fastened.
Separate the broth: the amount needed for rice
and let it dry
To assemble the tamales...
With a tablespoon a little cornmeal. Place a portion of rice and peas stew and on this place a piece of pork, one chicken, one of bacon. Put a two slices of carrot and potato two the same way.

Bathe all tamales with cooking oil and fill with water to cover.

Venezuelan origin
It is a typical food of Santander department and Norte de Santander department
Wrapped, mostly, in a rectangular shape
Commonly contains a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, raisins, capers, and olives wrapped in cornmeal dough
Kinds of ''hallaca''
Beef Hallaca
Chicken Hallaca
Pork Hallaca
Mix Hallaca
Mix corn flour with water, stir until dough gets an uniform shape
Step 2

Marinate with garlic, pork fat and cumin.
Step 3
Simmer until you realize that dough acquires a half-strong consistency.

Step 4
When mixture is cold, prepare appearly an arepa approximately of 1 thick centimeter.
Step 1

Step 5
Start adding chickpeas, pork, beef ribs and chicken, depending on kind of hallaca.
Step 6
Form a rectangle combinig dough and ingredients
Step 7
Wrap with plantain leaves and strings.
Step 8
Cook it with leaves 20 minutes and after that cut the strings
Take the leaves away and serve. Hallaca can be served with bread.
Step 9
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