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The Religion of Calvinism

No description

Kennedy McCreary

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The Religion of Calvinism

Ultimate Source of Authority
Calvinists thought that the Bible was the only true source of religious guidance. Church leaders would have to interprtet the Bible and make laws . The people thought life should be according to God's law. Religious rules also became laws for government. Blasphemy was a sin which was an act of direspect toward God.

Rituals and Worship
Calvinist churchgoers attend services up to five times a week. Services included sermons that lasted for hours. The sermons explained how to live according to the Bible. At the church ministers would preach from a pulpit in the middle of the room. A pulpit is a platform or other structure in a church from which a priest or minister preaches.
Beliefs About Sin and Salvation
Calvinists agreed with Lutherans that people depened on god to be saved and enjoy eternal life. Religious faith and salvation was God's gift to the elect. Calvinists believe that the elected could be known by their actions.Calvinists had many strict rules defining what good behavior was. For example things like dancing, singing, playing cards, and wearing fancy clothing were all forbidden. Calvin had a belief that fate of each soul was diecided by God at the beginning of time which is called
Founder- John Calvin
Year of Origin- 1541
The Religion of Calvinism
The founder of Calvinism is John Calvin. John Calvin is a French humanist who did his most influential work in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1541, Calvin took over the leadership of the church movement in Geneva. He tried to make Geneva a model Christian state.

Information from History Alive!
John Calvin was born 1509 and died 1535.
^^This is a pulpit
FUN FACTS & Definitions
calvinist churches were simple and practical with no decorations
John Calvin led a Reformation church in Geneva, Switzerland. Calvinists lived by strict rules to help them be good Christians.
- the belief that the fate of each soul was decided by God at the beginning of time
- a government or state in which God is the supreme ruler and religious officials officials govern in God's name
Community Life
They had strict laws in there times.They had laws based on the bible.Parents could name their babies,but only christain names.Guest at local inns had a certian cerfue. They were not allowed to swear dance or play cards or insult people.Also the church leaders had to inspect houses every month
Information from History Alve.
Information from History Alive.
Information from History Alive
Information from History Alive.
Information from History Alive.
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