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Integrated Strategic

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Your Prezis

on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of Integrated Strategic

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kavelle Weekes
UNCOMER (Courts) Ltd. Trinidad
In the next hour...
Organization Values
"Adding value to people lives everyday"
Proper Performance Appraisal
Employee Engagement
Reward Management
Management Development
360 approach to evaluations

Company Background
Organization Values
Research Question
Needs Assessment
Action Plan
Background of UNICOMER Courts
First established in England during 1850
Region since 1959
Acquired by Regal Holdings under the UNICOMER Group in December 2006
stores around Caribbean Countries
Having served the Caribbean for almost 50 years, the company has spread is wings to North America and two US stores in Brooklyn & Queens.
To be a competitive and customer focused retail business, generating sustained superior returns for its stakeholders.
Guiding Values
Total Customer Focused
Results- Oriented
Research Question
Is the current performance managment System at UNICOMER (Courts) Trinidad Ltd. and effective one ?
Ingvar kamprad (the farm where he grew up) and Agunnaryd (his hisometown in Smaland, south Sweden)
Founded in Sweden in 1934 by a then 17 year old Ingvar Kamprad
A multinational group of companies that design and sells ready-to-assemble furniture's such as beds, chairs, desks, appliances and home accessories.
Performance Appraisal for Merit Increase
'One IKEA Bonus Program"
annual performance related bonus system which is linked to an individual's salary level and store performance
hourly and salaries full-time & part-time workers are given a yearly bonus once set goals are reached.
Merit Increase = Maslow's Hierarchy Motivational Theory
Safety to Financial Stability
Casual co-worker - $50
Part time worker - $75
Full-time worker - $100
Manager - $200
Senior Manager - $500
IKEA Employee Development
Training & Development
I want your Job
an extensive training and professional program to promote the advancement of its employees
"Partners for Growth"
- a mentoring program to train and prepare junior managers for positions of greater responsibility in the future
a program that allowed employees to train actively with the person whose job they would like to hold in the future.
10- 15% of IKEA store employees went on to manage stores of their own.
360 Degree Performance Evaluation at IKEA
IKEA believes in constructive feedback to employees
360 performance evaluation includes self-evaluation, evaluation from customers, subordinates, co-workers as well as top management
This approach helps employees to get a broader perspective of how they are perceived by others and allows mangers to see how employees impact upon others to identify any current problems
IKEA Career Planning
Partnered with Performance Consultants
interactive foundation seminars that would inspire teams while also sharing the vision of what could be created by adopting a value-based performance management and leadership approach.
They now deliver 2 day Performance Management Coaching courses in all branches all over the country and training new in-house trainers.
Departments whose managers attended training saw a 5% KPI increase (4% is considered significant).

The company also went from 60% scores in management ability to 90% scores across the board (one department in particular went from being the 3rd worse performer to the top performer).
IKEA Employee Engagement
IKEA launched three types of initiatives that allows employees to become more engaged in the organization.
Why Sayers
Express Yourself
IKEA Radio
a program launched by IKEA in early 2000’s in which employees were encouraged to give ideas to improve their stores. These ideas were then implemented in some stores by their supervisors.
another program started by Spiers Lopez (President and CEO of IKEA) through which employees could share any issues they had or any complaints that they wanted to make directly with her. This was done either by e-mail or postcards earmarked for her.
a short news program that was aired over public address systems in the stores.
Quarterly appraisals
Managers should seek to culturally change perception of employees
Introduce career development programs
Employee Engaging Activities
Implement training programs and seminars
Allow employees to view their opinions
Action Plan
UNICOMER (Courts) Ltd. Trinidad should consider the following recommendations:
Restructure their performance appraisal system
Implement Career Development Programs
Forster Employee Engagement & Employee Development
360 approach
quarterly P.A
rewards & incentives
The Performance Appraisial system at UNICOMER (Courts) Trinidad is
an effective one.
In order to create an environment where employees and fully engaged there must be a well-structured Performance Management System and employees must have good relationships with their managers.

The lack of career development for managers ceases their ability to effectively carry out Human Resource functional areas.
Time Consuming
Conflicts often arise
Causes mental discomfort
Lack trust in their managers
Performance Appraisal System
isn't linked to incentives or rewards
Needs Assessments
The gap between what is currently happening and what should be happening was identified through the following:
Monetary rewards should be given based on performance
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