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Egypt Ancient Civilization

No description

Nihar Patel

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Egypt Ancient Civilization

Ancient Egypt The Nile River was used for many things by the ancient Egyptians like farming, cleaning, fishing, and drinking.They also collected ivory from tusks of hippopotami that lived in the river and papyrus from reeds along its banks. Papyrus was first used make baskets, sandals, and river rafts. Later, it was used for papermaking. There were hazards though, like the Hippopotami, crocodiles, winds, currents, shallow waters, and cataracts. The Nile helped a lot in providing fertile land for the Egyptians. Whenever the star Sirius would shine in the sky, the Egyptians knew that it was time for the annual flooding. Unlike the Mesopotamians and their Euphrates and Tigris River, the Egyptians actually knew when the Nile would flood It lasted from July to mid-November which was called Akhet or "the inundation." They usually got 2 healthy harvests a year with the flooding. The Nile Valley The Egyptians wanted to record the flood levels when it would flood so they created a solution. They made the nilometer which was used to measure and record flood levels. It had steps or notches to measure the water level. The Egyptians also used a catch basin during the annual flood. They created it to harness the waters of the coming inundation, it had a large square dam. When the basin filled, the silt deposited on the fenced ground fertilized the soil. Silt is a material somewhere in between sand and clay. One more tool used for the water is a shadoof. A shadoof is a device used to raise water from one level to another. Operated by hand, the shadoof has a pole that looks like a seesaw. There's weight on one side and the bucket on the other. When you push down the water and the bucket come back up. http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/wwww/world/shadoofdef.htm
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