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9.04 Applications of Circles:

No description

Mackenzie Tovar

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of 9.04 Applications of Circles:

Fun Facts:
This Ferris wheel is 169m tall.
Was opened on May 5th, 2006
It cost $7.3 Million to build.
Located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
Name: Star Of Nanchang

Diameter of the wheel: 153 meters

# Of Compartments: 60 (8 people per compartment)

Circumference of the wheel: 480.42 meters
C= π(D)
C= π(153)

Area of the wheel: 18,376 meters
A= πr^2
A= π (76.5)^2
A= 18,376

Measure of central angle in degrees: 6°
360/60= 6

Work Cited:
Star Of Nanchang
9.04 Applications of Circles:
By Mackenzie Tovar
Star Of Nanchang Ferris Wheel

"Nanchang Travel « China Travel Blogs – Tour-Beijing.com." China Travel Blogs TourBeijingcom. Web. 01 May 2015.

Reflection Questions:
Geometry Assignments
Measure of a central angle in radians: 1.04 Radians
2πr (x)/360
2π (6)/360
12π/360= 1.04

Arc Length between 2 compartments: 8.01 meters
2π (76.5) (6/360)
2π (76.5)(.016666666)= 8.01

Area of a sector between 3 compartments: 306.42 meters
π(r)^2 (x/360)
π(76.5)^2 (6/360)= 306.42

"Star of Nanchang - Information, Stats, Pictures, and Video." Observation Wheel Directory Star of Nanchang Comments. Web. 01 May 2015.
"Tag Archive." Working Harbor Committee. Web. 01 May 2015.
1. If a smaller replica of the Ferris wheel was constructed, what conclusions could you draw about the central angle of the original wheel and replica? What conclusions could you draw about the arc length of the original Ferris wheel and replica?
2. Imagine the center of the Ferris wheel is located at (0, 0) on a coordinate grid and the radius lies on the x-axis. Write an equation of a circle for your Ferris wheel, and sketch an image of what your Ferris wheel would look like on the grid.
If a smaller replica was build of the Ferris wheel, the central angle of the copy would be the same as the original wheel. However, the radius of the wheel would change, causing the arc length to be different; causing it the arc length to be smaller than the original wheel's arc length.
Formula: (x−0)^2 + (y−0)^2 = r^2
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