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The Importance of Being Awesome

No description

Christina Xu

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of The Importance of Being Awesome

Tim Hwang David Fisher (emeritus) David Nunez (emeritus) Reed Sturtevant Mac Cowell Matt Blake Evan Burchard Keith Hopper Jon Pierce Kara Brickman (Dean of Awesome) Boston New York Providence San Francisco Los Angeles Chicago London Berlin Zurich Toronto Kitchener-Waterloo Edmonton Calgary Montreal Washington, DC Sydney Melbourne Emily Daniels (emeritus) An experiment in
guerilla funding $1000, no strings attached Awesome Foundations Worldwide "MacArthur grant for
micro-flashes of brilliance" Ottawa The Fellowship of Awesome Awesome Foundation:
Middle Earth? Nurturing the Long Tail EVERYBODY tinkers
dreams Permanent Beta Joy Awesome Foundation Short-Term Thinking Parachute Aid Paternalistic attitude assumes lack of local expertise Rigidity Prioritizing donor wishes, mission statement
Subject to stricter regulations Poverty Porn Perpetuating attitude of despair, victimhood, non-agency. Awesome Not
Awesome Continued experimentation AF New Orleans Launching Fall 2011 cares about something, no matter how small + resources
recognition Each new chapter (and trustee) brings new ideas Small, frequent grants allows for more risk-taking Awesome News Taskforce
Detroit Launching Fall 2011 Seeding New Chapters Awesome R&D Developing Infrastructure @higherawesome http://awesomestudies.org = Citizen
Problem-Solvers Erhardt Graeff
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