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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Project

My project for my 4th period english class.

Martin Nelson

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Project

By Michael.Nelson Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Characters Steven: Steven is our eighth grade drumming protagonist who has a unique sense of humor, is annoyed by his little brother, and has a crush on the hottest girl in school. He is also in the school band.

Jeffrey: Jeffrey is Steven's 5 year old little brother with a cheery disposition and plays on his 'too cute' attitude, but on a sad note he has been diagnosed with ALL form of cancer that severely lowers the white blood count.

Annette: Annette is Steven's smart friend who happens to be a girl with a secret crush on him, did I mention how she is a master of the piano?

Renee: Renee is the most sought after girl in school
who is also a cheerleader and a math wizard! Plot In Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie as I said earlier
Steven is the protagonist.But who's the antagonist? The
answer to that is Cancer.As the story goes on, it weighs on Steven that he can't help his little brother and that he might die! So throughout the story Steven faces the turmoils of death, depression, poverty, school counselors, getting his Carter Beauford signed nylon tipped drumsticks cooked, and of course GIRLS!
Beginning The story begins with Steven waking up one morning
and realizing that he is the only one awake. So he does one of his favorite things and practices playing drums. Eventually he figures out his little brother Jeffrey is awake and Jeffrey asks to make him some moatmeal. So Steven does after a little 'persuasion' and he sets him on the tall stool while he cooks and he hears a crash! He turns around and see's Jeffrey on the floor with a nosebleed that turns into a blood waterfall. So he and his parents rush him to the Hospital.Later on in the early story Steven discovers that Jeffrey has cancer.
Climax In the middlish area of the story Stevens band friends
and Renee devise a plan to hold a benefit concert for Jeffrey and his slowly sinking into poverty family. The school counselor then tells Steven that he shouldn't worry about the things you can't change.But that he should think about things he CAN. So with newfound determination he decides to stop taking music lessons so he can save money. Then when his mom gets sick he and his father have to take Jeffrey to the hospital so he can be treated. There he finds another ALL patient, a girl named Samantha. She was the same age as him with barely any energy. But Steven promised her a drum lesson next time and parted with his Special Sticks. Resolution Near the end of the story Steven gets to come back
to the hospital to hear Samantha to find out she died while he was gone and her sister never came and instead partied in college but the nurse he was asking also said she left something. And in the box she left, was the Special Sticks. During the benefit concert Jeffrey gets sick and he is Rocket speed blasted to the Hospital where Steven leaves behind glory to comfort his brother. At the hospital it is comfirmed that Jeffrey is recovering.
At Stevens graduation Jeffrey is smiling behind his regrowing golden curly hair. Why I Recommend this book This book was a journey itself through Stevens
life as if I was him. Every time Steven was wracked with guilt I felt it. Every time he was at a breaking point I understood and shared his rage. Even the funny times he experienced I felt as if I was right with him. This book can pull your heartstrings like a master puppeteer and then fling a joke your way in perfect harmony.It was just perfect, nothing was flawed. READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!!
The End
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