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Trouble WithTechnology

No description

Altaf Aria

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Trouble WithTechnology

The Third Reason
The third reason is that they have to pay for all the cellphone bill and if they can't so their parent have to do it and also they can also buy something online using their parents account so their parent have to pay for all things.
For these reasons I think parents should not let their children use a lot technology and they should see if their children is going on a wrong way or not.
The second reason is that they can be cyberbully or people can bully them by posting bad things on their Facebook page or by sending them pictures and messages they can also bully other peoples by doing the above things.
The First Reason
Many teens have problem with their cellphones like being bullied or etc.
Trouble With Technology
The first reason is that cellphones can distract teenagers from studying in the class or at home or it can distract other peoples one another thing that they will not concentrate on studying instead they will spend most of the time using their phones.
The Second Reason
Khalid Aria
February 6,2015
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