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Unit 7 Aircraft Operating Strategy

No description

Reyvielyn Lacson

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Unit 7 Aircraft Operating Strategy

Unit 7
Aircraft Operating Strategy

Fleet Planning
Answers two question:

1. Which aircraft are needed?

2. When to acquire them?

Fleet Planning Method
• Airline decisions related to fleet planning depend primarily on an evaluation of the expected impacts of new aircraft on the airline’s economic and financial performance.
Airline Schedule Development
• Determines where and when the airline will fly.

• Built to maximize the long term profitability

• Explain the commercial aircraft categories and characteristics.

• Explain the aircraft technical and performance characteristics

• Explain how to develop airline schedule

• Fleet composition is among the most important long-term strategic decisions for an airline, in terms of both its planning process and, ultimately, its operation.

Airline fleet Decision
• Should reflect strategy for multiple periods into the future.

Commercial Aircraft Categories and Characteristics
• Range

• Size
**Small, short-haul
**Large, long-haul
Technical and Performance Characteristics
- Payload range curve
• Aerodynamic design
• Engine technology
• Fuel capacity
• Typical passenger/cargo configuration
- Factors related to both airline operational and airport constraints.

Four different but interrelated tasks:
• Frequency Planning
• Timetable Development
• Fleet assignment
• Aircraft rotation planning

Fleet Planning Economic Evaluation Process
Approaches to Fleet Planning Evaluations
• A “top-down” or “macro” approach based on relatively high-level aggregate analysis.

• A “bottom-up” or “micro” approach based on much more detailed analysis of data and forecasts by flight and route.

by: McDonnell Douglas (1981)
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