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Question 2- How does your media product represent social groups?

No description

Humzah Sarwar

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Question 2- How does your media product represent social groups?

Question two - How does your media product represent social groups? Antagonist The characters are both similar because they both have a stubble/beard which gives them a more mature look.
Also, both of them have serious looks on their faces. A difference would be that Mr Carlos isnt a underworld Mob boss, whereas Carlito is. Mr Carlos has a more calmer personality, he wont react to situations as harshly as Carlito would. Mr Carlos would by himself time and worm his way in slowly, Carlito would jus go in for the kill straight away. Another difference is that Mr Carlos isnt in a suit he's wearing casual clothes adn Carlito is always dressed smartly in a suit. Rico Swarve was betrayed by Mr Carlos, he was left with absolutely nothing after Mr Carlos took over. Rico was the wealthiest Mob Boss in the city. Tony Montana became a very succesful drug baron, due to him making so much money his supplier had to set him up. Tony was meant to be assasinated at a club but the attemt failed. His supplier Frank was confronted by Tony because he wanted revenge. Here both characters are in the same situation as they have been betrayed. The level of smartness is high with both characters because they are both wearing suits. this shows status and hierarchy. They both have very stubborn attitudes, they dont really trust people as they feel that they will take what they got. Mr Carlos represents a person who has high status and doesnt act like any normal Mob boss who are always dressed in suits. When the topic, trust comes up Mr Carlos has a phrase 'I trust no one, not even myself', this shows the man has to live a very cautious life regardless of his status he knows himself he has alot of people who dislike him. The only family Mr carlos has is the bodygaurds who protect him and his butlers who work in his mansion. his mansion is worth £8.5 million and has a 40 metre swimming pool, he has a 64 acre garden, a golf course and a roller coaster. Mr Carlos is well known because he conquered one of the most notorious mob bosses that walked the city, Rico Swarve. People could only dream to have what Mr Carlos has got. He's smart, very rich, good looking and extremely powerful what more could you ask for? Rico is a self made millionaire through being an underworld mob boss. From a young age Rico has been grafting, trying to become the mob boss of the whole world. Rico, despite being a hard nut who isnt to be messed with has patience. He will only jump for his prey when the time is right. Rico, from being a wealthy man now lives in a safe house that never got taken by Mr Carlos's men. Rico who was at first a ruthless boss, he would shoot down anyone who crossed him, one day his enemies attacked him and his wife while they were out at a restaurant having dinner. Ricos wife was shot in her leg and died after loosing too much blood. Rico now has a daughter who was only 2 months old when this happened, he named her after her mother and brings her up all by himself. Rico wasnt heard of for 10 years, after his dowfall he dissapeared. He waited for so long for his revenge against Mr Carlos. Rico wasnt just a underworld mob boss he was also a succesful buisness man. Everybody wanted to be connected with him he won many personality of the year awards. He donated money to orphanges as he was one himself. Protagonist
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