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Emergency Preparedness

No description

Bretta Cooper

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Emergency Preparedness

Community Partner
One Generation
Marketing Plan
Distribution of flyers
High traffic areas
E-mail adress for RSVP
One Generation
Problems Caused
Emergencies cause injury, damage and/or death.
To increase awareness in the city of Reseda of emergency preparedness practices for earthquakes and fires through Health Education and Health Promotion

Emergency Preparedness
When an emergency happens are you prepared?
Emergency Preparedness:
Target Population
Adults that have a say in their Safety 18-65 years
By the end of the intervention:
90% of participants will be aware of natural disasters that occur in Reseda.
90% of participants self-efficacy of being prepared for an emergency will increase.
90% of participants will be able to list 3 ways they can remain safe outside the home in case of an emergency
Emergency Kit:
Towel, rubbing alcohol, flashlight, extra batteries, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, first aid supplies, mini sewing kit, hydroxide peroxide, etc.

Educational Materials
Pre and Post-test
Family Emergency Contact List
Human BINGO game
sheet
Raffle tickets

Learn, Prepare, Act!
Elizabeth, Bretta, Lindsey, Daniela
Overview of Literature Review
Overview of All Lessons
Lesson We Implemented:
Lesson #2: Preparing Your Home for an Emergency - Plus the "How To" on Building an Inexpensive Emergency Kit
Pre and Post Test Results
Important Findings #1
Important Findings #2
Important Findings #3
Lessons Learned
Emergency Preparedness in the city of Reseda
Lesson #1: Emergency Overview
Reseda is densely populated and help will not be on its way immediately
(CERT, 2015)

Education is important when disasters strike; the most successful and safe individuals are those who were prepared with the proper supplies and knowledge of the situation
(Enhancing Public Safety & Preparedness, 2014).

Denial causes an individual to not prepare for an emergency
(Brady, 2006)
4 lessons: 1 hour - 1.5 hours

Health Belief Model



Natural Disaster Readiness Questionnaire

Emergency Situations You Should Know

Lesson 2: Preparing Your Home for an Emergency- Plus the "How to" on Building an Inexpensive Emergency Kit
Narrow down the target population to the elderly community in order to:
Test out the wifi connection
Make more usefulness of participants of One Generation
Avoid passing out flyers
Had materials in Spanish
Purpose: To create awareness of the common disasters that occur in Reseda
Purpose: Prepare participants for an emergency by educating them on safe strategic practices.
Family Emergency Contact List
Emergency Kit: Know Your Supplies!
Bingo Break
Lesson 3: Be Prepared in Your Car, Work, and at School
Purpose: Participants will gain the knowledge and skills about being prepared for an emergency outside the home.
Scenario Game: "What Would You Do?"
Tips on how to remain safe outside the home
Do you know how to reduce risk of injury?
Whats the plan? Is there one?
Purpose: Educate participants on how to be prepared for an emergency based on different needs.
Home, School, Work?
Lesson 4: Special Consideration- Keeping Kids,
Elderly, Special Needs, and Pets Safe
If you have Kids, Are Elderly, Have Pets?
Talking to Your Kids About Emergencies
Video: "Preparing for an Emergency With Children"
Taking Care of Your Pets
Video: "Taking Special Consideration for Others"
"Check-off List for Emergencies"
Important Findings #4
18 Participants
During the Implementation lesson
What Went Well
Great Participation
More Participants than we expected
Great Comments from Participants
Had Fun
100% responded they enjoyed the presentation
100% responded they would take another class like ours to learn more!
Some even liked the balloons
What Could Have
Gone Better
During the
Implementation lesson
Had the Ability to go to the Location a Day Before and Set Up and Test Equipment
More Money to Invest in the Program
More Time
During the
Implementation lesson
What We
Would Change
The Location
More Time
More Lessons
Overall, Great!
Tons of Work
Reading Level of the Public
Mostly Behind the Scenes
By the end of the lesson:
95% of participants will identify 3 safe strategic practices around the home to achieve a safe evacuation
90% of participants will be able to name 5 items needed for an effective emergency kit.
80% of the participants will be able to identify their risk of being in a natural disaster.
Lesson Plan Continued
Everyone can benefit but...
Focused on
Lecture Part 1: Overview of Emergencies
Contact List Activity
Discussion: Do you remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake?
Lecture Part 2: Safety Procedures
Activity: Emergency Kit: Know Your Supplies
Lecture Part 3: Building Your Emergency Kit
Good Hands on Experience Over all
Have the material in Spanish
Time Management
Be Prepared for IT problems
Participants expressed gratitude
It is Estimated 11.5 Billion in Damages
3,200 Deaths and 16,000 injuries caused by fires in 2014
65% of deaths happened in homes with no alarm
California has the most frequent and damaging earthquakes
About 10,000 Earthquakes a year
Last major earthquake in 1994 left
57 Dead
8,000 Injured
Over 20 billion in Damages
Lasted 10- 20 Sec.
To enrich the lives of seniors,children and their families throughout our diverse community.
Time: 60 min
Time: 90 min
Time: 60 min
Time: 60 min
Mission Statement
We want to help you, help yourself and your family be prepared in case of an emergency while keeping it easy and affordable.
Schedule more time

Translate activities

Make sure the room setting is appropriate
To increase Reseda residents' knowledge and skills of how to prepare their home for an emergency on a budget.
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