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Turkey A Public Diplomacy Strategy

No description

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Turkey A Public Diplomacy Strategy

Soft Power Assets
democratic experience + economic development
cultural and historical experience

Lack of co-ordination of foreign policy and public diplomacy.

Questions of legitimacy, inclusion and consistency.
Main Goals
Provide a model that successfully creates a bridge between multiple cultures
Show that Islamic and democratic/liberal values can work together
Correct any negative perceptions relating to democracy
Prove that Turkey is an eligible member of the EU
Act as a 'mediator' between the East and the West

Media in Turkish Public Diplomacy
Tourism Diplomacy
Focus on past heritage + historical aspects of the Turkish culture

Turkey's contemporary + living culture is not well known abroad

The role of Religion
Islam's role in Turkey is of interest to Islamic and non-Islamic audiences.

A trend after Ataturk's death was a 'revival' of Islam.

This trend was '...encouraged in no small part by the general political liberalization and the emergence of a multi-party system in Turkey following the war period' (Kusher 1997, 229).
Cultural Diplomacy

A Public Diplomacy Strategy
Soft Power Assets
media industry

The reception of Erdogan's speeches.

'...it is not possible to capture Turkey's soft power capacity without taking the Prime Minister's speeches and actions into consideration' (Sevin 2012).

Erdogan's grip on public diplomacy.
Target Audience
Middle East
North Africa
Central Asia
Foreign Broadcasts:
Turkish Radio and Television
The development of a station targeting European audiences would aid in consolidating views about Turkey's dual nature as an Islamic state and a modern democracy.

Unbiased news reporting would create a reputation for informational reliability and create a platform for informative connections
Entertainment programs would shape popular perception of Turkey's culture
Targets include countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands and Egypt
Companion Programs
Integration of social media is key
Mobile applications to complement news programs
Increase in number of related festivals in Europe, such as film festivals
Addition of extra stations, such as TRT Müzik
While a sustained foreign broadcast is possible, companion programs will create prolonged interest and broaden the audience
also regarded as a beautiful country with rich natural + cultural resources
(Social) Media Tourism Initiative
Role model for MENA Region

Turkey is highly regarded in the MENA region, yet this has decreased recently.

There is a need to address perceptions amongst Egyptians.

The issue is one of policy direction.
Engaging Europe
Religious Affairs of the Turkish Islamic Union - Diyanet Isleri Turk Islam Birligi (DITIB).

Build on existing linkages between Turkey and the host country to better integrate Turkish minorities while retaining a cultural attachment to Turkey.

This can be done by creating partnerships with existing cultural institutes and opening up space for discussion and debate.
Yunus Emre Institute
- users are encouraged to engage actively with Turkey

-accompanied by a general Tourism TV campaign

- channel to listen to foreigners
Yilmaz, H., Erdoğan, E., Esteban, F. J. P. (n.d.). Problems of Europeanization and European Perceptions of Turkey as a Future Member State. Retrieved June 25, 2014, from http://portal.uam.es/portal/page/portal/UAM_ORGANIZATIVO/Departamentos/CienciaPoliticaRelacionesInternacionales/actividades_del_departamento/GERI/Proyectos%20de%20investigaci%F3n/Documento%20final%20de%20resultados.%20Proyecto%20UE-Turqu%EDa.pdf
(Yilmaz, Erdoğan,Esteban, n.d.)
(Alvarez 2011)

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Rhonda Zaharna, Mapping out a Spectrum of Public Diplomacy Initiatives: Information and relational Communications Frameworks' in Snow and Taylor (eds) Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy (NY: Routledge, 2009): 86-100.

Sevin, E. (2012).Bridge no more? Turkish Public Diplomacy and Branding under the AKP Government. Retrieved June 22, 2014, from http://www.e-ir.info/2012/10/05/bridge-no-more-turkish-public-diplomacy-and-branding-under-the-akp-government/
Kusher, D., (1997). Self-Perception and Identity in Modern Turkey. Journal of Contemporary History, 32(2), 219-233.
Yunus Emre Institute website http://www.yev.org.tr/turkiye/index.php

Yurdakul, G. & Yukleyen A., (2009). Islam, Conflict, and Integration: Turkish Religious Associations in Germany. Turkish Studies, 10(2), 217-231. DOI: 10.1080/14683840902864010
audiovisual tourism advertisements can benefit the general, economic, political and social image of Turkey
Seal of the Assembly
(Berlin, 2014) (Germany opinion poll data)
The Turkish Radio and Television logo
Established in 2007
Conducts educational activities and scientific research
Cultural Centers abroad
Yunus Emre Turkish Education Centre (YETEC)
To promote Turkish language, culture and art both at home and abroad.
Strengthen relationships and increase cultural exchanges with other countries
Image courtesy of Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons Licence
Expand cultural center locations - Asia, Australia, Europe
Collaborate with other alliances such as the British Institute, Institut Francais and Goethe-Institut
Implement alumni network
Increase social media usage for promotional and networking purposes
Activities that draw on existing programs as well as new initiatives that assist in 'bridging the gap' between cultures and showcasing a contemporary Turkey.
Von Pia Sperber

Seminar: Versicherbarkeit von Naturgefahren


Der Anstieg des Meeresspiegels

Ursachen, Beobachtungen, Projektionen und Auswirkungen

Seminar: Versicherbarkeit von Naturgefahren


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