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Public Speaking Project

No description

Luis Perez

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Public Speaking Project

Public Speaking Skills Every Speaker Must Use. By Luis Perez All the time, not just in public speaking but in math, science, language arts, and social studies you are always told to practice, practice, practice. It is either math skills, science skills, language arts skills, social studies skills, or public speaking skills. Do you know why they tell you to study? So that you can feel comfortable and not stressed, especially in public speaking which is mostly where you can make a fool out of yourself. So, remember practice, practice, practice your skills. "If you do not know about your topic you may use computers okay," Stated Mrs. Onuoha. Why do we research on topics that we do not know? To learn about it and maybe get more ideas of it. Simply you just can not come up with something because you would not learn new things or get a great grade. It is good to research so that you could enhance on that topic. Organizing ideas is like a way of knowing what goes first, second, and third. Without organization everything would be a mess. For example, in public speaking if you are disorganized then you will not know how to start and end your speech which can end up confusing the audience. Always be organized and if you are not organized in school you are not organized in your home. So remember organization is key. Why should we tell stories in our presentations? Stories can add it a little excitement.If you just every body would just get bored and soon enough to the you will sound like blah blah blah blah blah. You do not want that right, well me either. So when you get a chance tell a story, but do not tell them personal things. Hey, do you know that the only sentences that the audience remembers are the beginning and closing sentences. That is why you should start strong and close strong. Before writing, think an interesting beginning. Do you really think that they would want to remember, "Hi, my name is Luis Perez and our topic is blah, blah, blah." So remember start strong and end strong. Why should we use humor? So we need to try this to get the audience's attention. You don't want them to not pay attention to you. Since you worked so hard on writing your piece and all you see is others not caring. So I hope you use some or depending on the writing size even more humor. Fooled you, it is the other arrow. Fooled you again,
ha ha ha ha! Imagine a person doing their presentation and it takes half an hour. Would you like to listen to something like that? I know I would not so always obey time constraints. Since a speech should take about 5 minutes. Any speech over 5 minutes might be to much, but what you can do is that when you notice you are taking too long try to shorten your speech. Can you imagine yourself on stage giving a speech and then you become nervous and freeze? I know how it feels to be nervous because I am like you. I have been trying very hard to exhibit confidence and poise. If you would want to be a great speaker some day, then you got to believe that you can do it and have confidence in yourself. Think about it like this, when you speak to an audience think of it like you are speaking to your friends. We use gestures to help the audience understand more of what we are talking about. Sometimes they do not even understand a word that your are saying, and when you use hand gestures it helps them catch an to what you are saying. Although, be careful with how you use gestures for example if you say you and point at someone with gestures, they can take it aggressive. Sometimes it just confuses them. Why do we use eye contact? We use eye contact to let know the audience that we are speaking to them. Since it is also politely because they might think that he does not want to talk to them. Take it from me since I am a professional. Also, I am an a and b student, mostly an a student.
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