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Marine Corps Reconnaissance

No description

tyler england

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Marine Corps Reconnaissance

Marine Corps Reconnaissance

The reasons I want to be Marine Corps Force Recon are:
1) travel the world
2)life of danger
3)defend our country
4)modded out weapons
Training for this career would be:
1) Marine boot camp
2)Reconnaissance training camp
3) At home physical training such
as swimming(a lot) and running
A Force Recon Marine will usually make anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 depending on your rank and billet.
thank you for watching
The skills and qualities required for this career are strength, endurance, loyalty, bravery and marksmanship. These skills would be required because a Force Reconnaissance Marine is strong, able to go along time without break, he is loyal to others in his squad(especially when deployed) and he has to be able to run into the face of danger and be able to hit a target no matter how close, far, or how little time he spent aiming.
Although this career will not allow me to have a family life, i will be traveling a lot and will get to defend my country with a very highpossibility of dying in the line of duty, but that wont stop mot people.
This job may not be in full force in 50 years because of drones, but they are not guaranteed, but we are the systems can be hacked. No kind of technology can replace original man power, it will always revert back to reconnaissance, so that should keep a steady flow of new Marines coming in.
By: Tyler England
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