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Top Ten Tools To Use to Modernize Your Classroom

My favorite tools on web 2.0

Allie M

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Top Ten Tools To Use to Modernize Your Classroom

What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is a modern a way to stay connected over the internet were many people can collaborate and work together over great distances. Also called the read and write web because you can not only seacrch, but you can read, and create documents, edit and create webpages, and much, much more. Blog Web logs where you can store information over time. Like an online diary or journal. We could use this tool to show what we comprehended from a story by making a blog entry from the character's point of view instead of completing a worksheet. Wiki A website used to share information with other people We could use a Wiki to make a class webpage for upcoming events and assignments to keep our class informed instead of handing out newsletters and wasting paper. These are some programs that use web 2.0! Podcast iPod+Broadcast=Poscast. Podcast is a digital media file that is availible on the computer and can be downloaded tto a computer or portable music player. There are many uses for podcast, but we could use them in the class room to make a video of how to solve a problem in math class and students could upload it to thier MP3 players to use as a study tool at home to study for a test.
RSS An online reading too that you can open to access anything from books to class news. We could use RSS in class to keep up with class lesson plans, news, etc. Google Docs An online collaboration tool were you can make documents, spreadsheets and presentations and access it from anywhere with wifi. We could use this tool in school when we have group projects where we have to make a presentation or write an essay with a partner, so instead of one person taking the work home one night and then another person taking it home another night, we would both have easy access to the project at all times. Twitter A quick social networking site where you only have 140 characters to say what you need to say. We could use Twitter to send tweets back and forth to students and teachers when a student needs help because you have to choose your words wisely and get directly to your point. Flickr A Photo sharing website where you can add captions to you photos as will as links and also access it from anywhere. We could use this tool in class when we go on a field trip. Instead of bringing along a worksheet to document what we were leanin on the trip we cold make it a photo scavenger hunt and then add captions explaining what we learned through taking that photo. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is a data base were you can access files from anywhere as long as you have wifi. If we use cloud computing students and staff whould be able to access their files from anywhere, even home so they could get more work completed. This would help teachers not have to bring so many papers home and put us steps closer to becominga paperless district. Pandora An online radio website were you can create your own playlist of music for free. We could use this tool in Arts and Humanities class where the teacher could have us create a Mozart playlist and analyze the music instead of filling out a worksheet and killing trees.
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