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How Does Music Influence Adolescents ?

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Deborah-Ann Gordon

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of How Does Music Influence Adolescents ?

How Does Music Influence Adolescents ?
By: Deborah Gordon & Jonaton Ganthier

Phase 3
Music plays a huge role in human development especially during adolescent years, both positive and negative.
Phase 4
One way music affects adolescents is through emotion. Research shows that music affects your behavior which then affects your emotional or limbic system.

"Music touches the emotional or limbic system or our brain, which is slower that othe parts of our brain." (Rich 2010)
Phase 2
Rhythms, patterns, emotion and the amount of time spent listening to music influences the adolescents response to music.
Phase 1
What is music ?

Music is the vocal or instrumental sounds or pattern as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion.
Music has both a positive and negative effect on adolescents. If we do not minimize the amount we spend time listening to music.
Negative Messages
In Music
Negative messages tend to stick with the adolescent and if consumed on a regular basis, it can be toxic. This can be described as the slow demise of your ability to make wise choices. When this happens, it becomes easy to manipulate or be manipulated.
Pro-Social Music
Pro-Social music is music that denotes or relates to behaviors that are positive, helpful and intended to promote social acceptance.
The Learning Process
Music also influences during the learning process. Due to the repetition of the rhythms and/or beats in a song, students are able to retain more information and the retention level is much greater.
Music and it's influence from a Sociological Perspective
Symbolic Interaction
Symbolic interaction analyzes a society by addressing the subject meaning that people impose objects, events, and behaviors.
Music can be both beneficial and detrimental to an individual if we are not cautious with how we use that platform.
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