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Ruth Wakefield

Inventor Project

Kathleen Mahoney

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Ruth Wakefield

Ruth Wakefield Have you ever wondered where
your favorite chocolate chip cookie
comes from? Well, then listen up!
Sometimes inventions don't happen with great
plan or on purpose! You will definitely want to pay attention....... Inventor
Who is my inventor?
The name of my inventor is Ruth Wakefield. (A girl!) She invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie! Ruth Wakefield was born on June 17, 1903 in East Walpole Massachusetts. She died on January 10, 1997.

Ruth Wakefield lived in the 20th century and in Whitman, Massachusetts. She worked and owned the Toll House Inn where the chocolate chip cookie was invented one day when she was in a rush. Thank you for watching!!! Invention
The chocolate chip cookie was invented by accident! It only took about 3 hours to make this wonderful treat! This invention is now one of the favorite treats in the U.S.A. The delightful treat tastes like a gooey, sweet, crunchy, and chunky cookie.Was her invention patented? No, but Ruth Wakefield sold the Toll House Inn name and her invention of chocolate chip cookie to Nestle reportedly for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Isn't that awesome! How did chocolate chip cookies change the world? Ruth Wakefield kept making the cookies because everybody liked them. A Boston newspaper wrote an article about this wonderful invention and soon everybody had to have these wonderful cookies. Since first invented by R. Wakefield, the cookie became the most popular cookie of all time according to the Nestle Corporation (www.verybestbaking.com). Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate morsels have inspired millions of people to bake and share their cookies. According to my Internet research, Ms. Wakefield also continued to bake the cookies during the difficult period of the Great Depression to help people feel better. By: Kathleen Mahoney Here are 2 YouTube videos I found about Ruth Wakefield who was known for many recipes as the owner of a restaurant! And inventor of chocolate chip cookies! http://www.danschocolates.com/coco/the-invention-of-the-chocolate-chip.html http://www.women-inventors.com/ruth-wakefield.asp http://www.nndb.com/people/010/00026389 Sources Did chocolate chip cookies help invent
other things? Yes, it helped people make
other types of cookies such as oatmeal cookies and so on. It also helped make chocolate chips because Ruth Wakefield only threw in a lot of chunks of chocolate in the batter but years later they made little triangular chunks of chocolate. Girls think of everything: Stories
of Ingenious Inventions By: Women
By: Catherine Thimmesh and Melina Sweet Fun Fact!:
You will eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime Thanks to women and man, we have succeeded! http://www.youtube.com Mr.O'Brien's way:
Book: Author: Catherine Thimmesh and Melina Sweet.2002.Girls think of everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions By: Women. Park Avenue South, New York. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Author: Unknown.Famous Women Inventors.Ruth Wakefield Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor.http://www.women-inventors.com/ruth-wakefield.asp. 20, Febuary, 2013.
Author: Unknown.Inventor of Chocolate Chip.Inventor of Chocolate Chip. http://www.danschocolates.com/coco/the-invention-of-the-chocolate-chip.html. 27 Febuary, 2013.
I apologize, I used a computer source that seems to not exist so I was not able to find it, but I am sure I used it because as soon as I finished using it I wrote it down, it's a mystery. Sorry!!! You can be an inventor too. REMEMBER: Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Ruth Wakefield is my hero. http://www.amazon.com/Girls-Think-Everything-Ingenious-Inventions/dp/0618195637/ref=pd_sim_b_1#reader_0618195637 I chose this theme because it looks like a chocolate chip cookie!!!!!!!!
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