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This prezi is about the book i read during class. The book is called Twilight.

Jessica Anastase

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Twilight

By: Stephenie Meyer
Prezi By: Jessica Anastase
Main Characters
Personal Response
The time is present
The era is A.D.
The place is Forks, Washington
Bella Swan- She is a quiet girl. And she is in love with Edward.
Edward Cullen- He is also quiet but he's a vampire and only hangs out with his family. He loves Bella to but they can't be together.
Jacob Black- He is a long time friend of Bella and he's a Werewolf. He also loves Bella.
Isabella Swan moves to her fathers house for the summer. After she lands her dad takes her to his house. After she gets comfortable in her old room her dad tells her that he already signed her up for school. And she starts the next day. Then Bella meets Edward.
First Bella moves to her dad's house. Then her dad tells her that he already signed her up for school and that she had school the next day. Then she meets a boy named Edward Cullen. And that once she saw him she new that she loved him. First he was a vampire. Second he wanted her blood and that they can't be together. The type of conflict is character vs. character
The tone of the story is that the author was in a love triangle. She loved two people and both loved her.
The theme of this story is love and romance. The people you meet might be good some might be bad but no matter what happens stay in control.
My personal response to the story is that it's a touching story. As the main action hinges on Bella and Edward uniting. It was a interesting book. This is one of those books for vampire lovers, werewolf lovers, romantic lovers.
" That's Edward Cullen . He's so gorgeous. But don't even try. Because he says that none of the girls at this school are good-looking.
Continued Plot
Then after Bella meet Edward she couldn't get him out of her mind. And every time he wasn't at school she got upset. So the she was not paying attention to the road and one of her class mates almost killed her, then Edward came out of nowhere and stopped the car with his hand. Then when she saw him again he told her that they can't talk to each other anymore. So then she met her old time friend Jacob Black and he told her about Edwards family and how they are vampires. So she started to be curious.
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