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Ya-dong drinking culture

No description

ekkaphot chudet

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Ya-dong drinking culture

Ya-dong drinking culture
Our Personal bias
What is bias?
Definition: "a particular tendency or inclination, especially one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question; prejudice."

Source: Dictionary.com
History of Ya-Dong
Our personal observations
Where did we observe?

Corner of Sathorn Soi 10 and Silom Soi 9
Wooden hut with Christmas lights
5 tables

Who was there?

Mostly men, two women
Most over 30 years old
Mainly construction workers, tuk-tuk drivers, taxi drivers and motorbike drivers
Drunk and intoxicated
Three different types of customers
Mostly groups at the tables
Interview with the owner
Background of ya-dong drinking culture
Who comes and what happens on an average day
Costumer interviews
Our conclusion
Who drinks ya-dong?

Thais and foreigners
Men and women
Mostly blue collar workers
Friendly and easy to approach

Why do people drink ya-dong?

To get drunk
Health and medicinal purposes
Social activity
Thai men
Blue collar workers
Drink to get drunk
Unfriendly and hard to approach
Who drinks ya-dong and why?
Drink for health and energy
It's cheap
Bad locations (Stand up store)
Normal - lower class people drink it
Not produced in a proper way (Company)
Ya-Dong is Thai traditional medicine which people believe of being medicine and energy drink. It's a mixture of alcohol and herbal which people believe to drink for both benefit of alcohol and herbal. "Ya-Dong" is no different with beer that we can say immediately that its from Germany. However it's still illegal due to some Ya-Dong did not pass the process of testing and some may cause unhealthy more than cure them.


1) Liquor or alcoholic extracts of herbal ingredients out for curing
2) Nutrients appetite
3) Preserve and extend knowledge of drugs for Thai traditional medical


1) Drinking drug in large quantities will impair health and other aspect
2) Drinking a lot is made about the drug in cirrhosis.
3) In the drug trade is considered illegal liquor

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