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Amelia Bedelia : Means Business

No description

Victor Chin

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Amelia Bedelia : Means Business

The setting of this story is in Amelia Bedelia's town. Buildings in Amelia's town are Pete's Diner, Wild Bill's Autorama, the Park, her house, her school and and the town square.
The three most important parts are when Amelia Bedelia found out about Suzanne's fancy bike, when she makes lemon tarts for money and when she joins the parade. If these events did not happen this story would not have happened.
Setting and Important Events
The characters in this story are Amelia, her parents, Pete and Doris, the Mayor, Wild Bill, and Suzanne. Amelia always takes things seirously Her parents are nice. Pete is funny (in a way). Doris is sincere. The Mayor is always busy. Wild Bill is persuasive on his advertisements. Suzanne is grumpy all the time.
My favorite parts
My favorite parts are when Amelia steps on a pie, when the dogs chase after her old bike because she has lemon tarts and when Amelia wins the bike of her dreams when she wins the bike parade.
Why those are my Favorite Parts
The reason the first one is my favorite part is that when she steps on the pie it looks so funny and I really like funny things. The filling just explodes out of the pie! The reason the second one is my favorite part is that the dogs love Amelia's tarts and they are trying to eat her bike since she decorated her bike like a lemon tart! The reason the last one was my favorite was that Amelia always wanted the bike of her dreams and she finally achieved her goal! That was also the main problem of the story. I recommend you to read this book!
By Herman Parish Prezi by Victor Chin
Amelia Bedelia : Means Business
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