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The Challenge of Group Decisions

No description

Zina O'Leary

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of The Challenge of Group Decisions

Short-term thinking (IBGYBG)

Reactive decision making / Quick-fix solutions

Poor ability to predict outcomes

Stagnation and inability to innovate

Maintenance of the status quo

Unethical behavior

Poor levels of social and environmental responsibility

Rushing to conclusions
Toxic assumptions
Analysis paralysis
The quick vote
Sunk cost trap
Vocal minorities
Lack of response
The Abilene Paradox
Group think
Paired analysis
Multi-criteria analysis
Decision trees
Risk analysis
Cost benefit analysis
Nominal group technique
Common ground
Stepladder technique
Futures analysis
Steps in Critical Decision Making?
Step 1:
Identify the problem
Step 2:
Generate and evaluate alternate solutions
Step 3:
Choose an option and perform due diligence
Step 4:
Implement the solution
Step 5:

Repeat as a part of a continuous improvement cycle
What tools can I use to avoid traps?
Effective (Critical) Decision Making
the critical
thinking path
the non-critical
Have you considered a wide range of options?

Have you consulted widely?
Decision Making Traps
Points of Consideration...
Have you thought through potential +/- consequences for your business ?

Have you considered how various decisions will impact a range of stakeholders?
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