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Nonfiction Text Structure

No description

Mallory Mattivi

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Nonfiction Text Structure

Nonfiction Text Structure
What is Text Structure?
-Knowing text structure will allow you to better understand what you read. Our focus will be on identifying nonfiction (factual) text structures.

- Text Structure: Text structure is how an author organizes their writing. There are five distinct text structures that are used in informational writing.
Text Structure One: Descriptive
-The Author explains a topic which can be an idea, person, place, or thing. The author does this by listing characteristics, features, and examples.

- Examples of Descriptive Text Structure: Articles and essays about a singular topic.
Sequence: The author lists items or events in chronological order.

Examples: How- To lists, timelines, etc.
Text Structure Three: Problem/Solution
The author explains how two or more things are similar and different.

Examples: Comparing texts with other texts, movies, etc.
Text Structure Five:
Cause and Effect
Example of Descriptive Text Structure
Text Structure Two: Sequence
Example of Sequential Text Structure
- The author presents a problem and a way or multiple ways to solve the problem.

- Examples: Advertisements
Example of Problem/Solution
Text Structure Four: Compare and Contrast
The author focuses on one or more event (the cause) and the events that follow (the effect).

Example: Weather Forecasts
Example of Compare and Contrast:
Graphic organizer for descriptive texts:
- Graphic organizer for sequential text structure.
How is this an example of sequential text structure?
Example of Cause and Effect
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