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Crab Eater Seal

No description

Georgia Bellingham

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Crab Eater Seal

Interesting Fact Appaearance Crabeater seals are mostly dark grey in appearance,
but in summer the coat can bleach almost to white. Crabeater Seal Population. There is about 30 million
crabeaters around Antarctica. Location & Habitat. They are located in the Antarctic
water around pack ice. Size & Weight. Crabeater seals are up to 500
pounds and are 9 to 10 feet long. Diet. They eat krill, not crabs, occasionally supplementing their diet with small fish and squid. Crabeaters are misnamed, since
they actually eat krill, not crabs. Main Predator The Leopard seal is the main predator
of young Crabeater seals and an important
one in helping to keep populations in check. Breeding During breeding season, Crabeaters are generally
observed occurring in small family groups as
opposed to the teeming breeding beaches of
gregarious Fur seals. Not much is known about
crabeaters' breeding, which occurs among the
pack ice during the austral spring.
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