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IAU Global HESD Survey

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Stefanie Mallow

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of IAU Global HESD Survey

90 (15% of universities contacted) partial responses (until 13 July)
42 fully completed surveys
Information from all continents
IAU Global HESD Survey Results to-date
How much do you know about...
Please prioritize the goals your HEI is working on
Whole Institution Approach
16 said part of annual budget
Universities indicate having between 0 and 40 full time staff allocated to HESD
10 Universities operate project based
Financial Support
Governance of HESD
Strategic Plan
Part 1 - SDGs, Whole Institution Approach and Sustainable Development
Three examples of
work on SDGs
What is Sustainable Development for your HEI?
Examples of other:
linked to educational considerations
(Europe - Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University)
It is a concept of economic growth with respect to environmental issues for our future generation
( Europe - Hacettepe University)
Linked to governance and institutional aspects (democracy; locked-ins; stakes;...)
(Europe - Ghent University)
Social Responsibility project, Economic innovation developed project (
Europe - Ilia State University
food, production, economics, energy and health (
Asia and Pacific - University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
Economic Development (
Middle East - Islamic University of Gaza
Reinforce and consolidate a strong economic model (
Latin America - Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti
Enrollment rate and economic sustainability (
Africa - Open University of Mauritius)
Focuses on economic and institutional considerations (
Africa - Bindura University of Science Education
Part 2 - Organisation of Sustainable Development
Whole Instituion Approach Comments
The whole institution approach can be described as

"involving students, staff, faculty/educators, local citizens, community organizations and companies working together, to embed sustainability in curriculum, teaching and learning, governance, facility and operations, human resources, community interaction and if applicable, research."
GAP, Partnernetwork 2
Asia and Pacific - Griffith University
Griffith University has adopted "To be a sustainable University" as one of our five key strategic goals. The University has a strong reputation for teaching and research in relevant areas such as climate change and environmental science. Our community outreach program through the EcoCentre attracts thousands of school children and others. We have constructed self-powered buildings using revolutionary technologies based on solar power and we monitor our energy, transport, waste and water use across our campuses.
Middle East - Middle East University
The whole University participated in the University Strategic plan 2014-2019 , changed the vision and mission , and applying for Institution QA which involves all stakeholders.
Latin America - Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
BUAP is adopting a "whole institution approach" in several areas such as energy, health and nutrition, regional conservation and sustainable development dedicating teaching and research resources, fostering awareness within its own community and working together with government, industry and commerce and the social sector in a triple-helix approach towards the sustainable development of our communities.
Europe - Ghent University
The vibrant think-tank ‘Transition UGent’ engaged over 250 academics, students and people from the university management in suggesting objectives and actions for the Sustainability Policy of Ghent University (Belgium). Founded in 2012, this bottom-up initiative succeeded to place sustainability high on the policy agenda of our university. Through discussions within 9 working groups and using the transition management method, Transition UGent developed system analyses, sustainability visions and transition paths on 9 fields of Ghent University: mobility, energy, food, waste, nature and green, water, art, education and research. At the moment, many visions and ideas find their way into concrete actions and policies.
Africa - University of Sadat City:
1. Support integrated environmental management systems.
2.Conserve natural resources.
3.Integration of gender issues.
4. Activating sustainable development policy.
5. Address the adverse effects of climate change.
6. Activation and development of the environmental legislative system.
North America - University of California, San Diego
See sustain.ucsd.edu. Includes environmental systems major, Scripps Institution of Oceanography research, operational goal to be carbon neutral by 2025, etc.
Europe - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC
1. Official presentation at the European Parliament of a portal on gender issues in the field of science
2. Since 2013, the UOC and the UNITAR have trained military personnel deployed in humanitarian missions throughout the world in conflict management. (...)
4. The Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization's Regional Office for the Americas and Specialized Health Agency of the Inter-American System (PAHO/WHO), and the UOC Faculty of Health Sciences have come to an agreement to work together to promote e-Health in Latin America and the Caribbean. (...)
Development and organisation
Examples of other:

We currently collaborate with UN Habitat (
Middle East - University of Duhok
UC system-level (
North America - University of California, San Diego
We are not officially govern the environmental issues, however many department, faculty members, and research and application centers are working on these issues separately and on different aspects of the issues at different levels. (
Europe - Hacettepe University
Think- and do-tank 'Transition UGent' + 'Green Office' (
Europe - Ghent University
76.32% Rectors, Vice-Chancellors and other Management is involved in HESD
Examples of policies and practices adopted and developed
Middle East - University of Duhok
The strategic plan for Duhok involved lengthy interaction with different sectors of the society as part of making SWAT analysis with the people.
Africa - Makerere University
Approved by Senate - December 9 2013 | Makerere University is implementing the 10-year Strategic Plan 2008/9- 2018/19 with a vision ‘To be a leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa’. The vision will be achieved through providing innovative teaching & learning, research and services responsive to national and global needs.”
Reduction of Carbon footprint, Sustainable Campus, Some services to local and national societies
Europe - University College Ghent
learning path sustainability in several curricula, being implemented in development in the new strategic institutional plan, brainstorm sessions on sustainability in research, hosting of summerschool
Europe - Université de Genève
Green Campus University and City
quality education and sustainable development of the country Developing a Hub knowledge in Mauritius
Assessment Tools
Out of 42 responses, 28 said having none or in the process of developing one
Examples of Assessment Tools
North America - University of California, San Diego
Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS)
Middle East - University of Duhok
Research into the viability of actions and plans with respect to the concept of sustainability especially with respect of sustainable economy in the current drop of oil prices with lessons learned and suggestions made to the regional government as to how lessen the dependence on oil revenues
Europe and other - University of London International Programmes
This is a matter for the individual institutions
Latin America - Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Semi-annual reports presented by each department or office to the Central Administration; the President's Annual Report to the community
Europe - Liviu Moldovan
We have developed a framework for self asessment
Professional Development Programmes
Engagement with other HEIs
by Stefanie Mallow and Hilligje van't Land, IAU
Become involved!

Contact us at:

Hilligje van't Land,
Director Membership and Programme Development

Stefanie Mallow,
Intern Higher Education Initiatives
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