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Social Dynamics 365/321/364 Influencer Marketing plan

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Adrienne Czerwin-Abbott

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Social Dynamics 365/321/364 Influencer Marketing plan

Influencer Marketing
Other tools for finding
the Influencers-
Klout, Kred, Peer Index,
Klout views influence as a positive
reponse by followers or fans when
user posts content. It measures how
a network reacts to that content
An Individual's Klout score is
determined by the number of
people they influence, how much
they influence them and how
influential they are
Number of retweets & mentions on twitter.
Facebook - number of comments, wall posts, likes. Foursquare -dos and dons.
Google +
Takes into consideration Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Foursquare, Bing, Wikipedia
uses PeopleRank algorithm over 400
signals from 8 different social networks.
Scoring based on last 90 days
Signals include how selective the people who interact an individuals content are: the more a
person likes and retweets in a given day the less
each of those individual interactions contributes
to another's scores.
Different set of metrics - 2 scores influence
and outreach. Focus on ability to inspire
action. 1000 point scale uses Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus but heavily weighted towards
10 Points are accumulated every time there is an exchange that indicates someone inspired
another person to take action -replying, mentioning, retweeting, following.
Extra point awarded for having a message retweeted by a person with more than.
Outreach points are accumulated in order to reach outreach levels. Each subsequent level
is harder to reach.
Transparency is key. Kred makes it very
clear as to how to increase score and see
how activity on Twitter and Facebook is
having an impact. How many times a
conversation drives another to action.
Peer Index- the extent to which person
has built up social and reputational
capital on the web. Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Quora, and up to 3 blogs, based
on authority, audience, and activity,realness.
Tracks over 100 million signals daily.
Authority- measured on 8 benchmark topics
and how much other individuals relied on
recommendation. Score is a relative positioning
against others who have similar benchmark
Audience - size of audience against
others in a community
Activity- How much individual does that
is related to topic area
Realness- the likelihood that profile is
real not spambot
Traackr- identifies individuals who have
a disproportionate influence on a brand's
total online community. Uses blog, videos, reviews, bookmarks, all social media platforms.
Uses keyword search to identify influencers
within a certain context. Uses Reach, Resonance, Relevance.
Identify areas and topics where influencers
need to be found. Produce a list of keywords. Traackr produces list of top 25 people who use keywords most frequently. The list changes as
keywords change.
Rewards offered to influencers-

Klout - Perks
PeerIndex - Peer Perks
Kred - Kred Rewards
Types of rewards-

Discounts on products
Free merchandise
Back stage passes

Benefits- motivates users to increase
their score. Rewards influencers who
spread WOM about brand
Measuring Brand Advocacy impact-

Spend value
Facebook- Audience Insights
Sysomos- which blogs, SM & forums
are influencing purchase decisions
Sentiment tracking - Social Net Advocacy
SNA (Dell)
2 Case Studies in Influencer Strategy
A guide to Influencer Marketing
Reaching Teens- Top 5 influencers
(Variety Magazine 2015) not on Instagram, or Twitter but YouTube
Jan 2016 Group M created partnership Playa with
leading influencer network Fullscreen which
represents 75,000 digital influencers allowing clients to cherry pick & match make the right
influencers for their brands. Measurement
tools and ROI at heart of service provided.(Jonathan Cloonan Sunday Bus Post Jan 2016)
60% of marketers are increasing
what they spend on Influencer
Marketing in 2016, and 22% said
its' their top customer acquisition
tool. (Variety
Magazine Jan 2016)
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