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The Super Powers [Shared]

No description

Prezitime Design

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of The Super Powers [Shared]

of the
making lives better
How do you stick it out and stay in the fight?
And more importantly;
How do you do this and be
“Purpose is the secret ingredient in all the great companies”
- Jim Collins
, author,
Good to Great
“The cheapest performance enhancing drug on the planet"
To (Your Contribution)

So that (Your Impact)
doesn't have to be
The power of Purpose with a little
Success is the sum of small efforts repeated

Day in

Day out
A bad habit has immediate gratification and no immediate downside
A good habit has no immediate gratification and no apparent upside
Which is why it is far easier to create bad habits vs good ones
(ask yourself: what do your bad habits cost you?)
Purpose with the
The Right
Little " "
What’s the 1 thing that you
be doing but
ONLY 2%of SALES are made at the FIRST MEETING
(but 80% are made after the 5th meeting)
Little + Habit
But what happens when the s&@t really hits the fan?
“You can be mentally tough but not connected to any sense of
, and when you get to a sign of pain, like serious pain where you didn’t expect this level of discomfort, you start looking for a way out…and then the unhealthy thought patterns come up…and spiral happens.”

Mark Divine, Navy Seal captain
Conclusion Slie
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