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Community Nursing (N382)

No description

Tami Bland

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Community Nursing (N382)

Community Nursing (N382)
Clinical Experiences

Clinical Groups
Class will be divided into 2 large groups:
Students will stay with their large group (A or B) throughout the semester
Group Assignments
Some "primary" clinical assignments determine which group (
) you will be assigned to
Students who will be going on the International Trip, Red Bird, or Cherokee experience will need to be in Group B
Primary Experiences
Office on Aging (16)
(T, W, Th)
Bridge Refugee Services (6)
Knox County Schools (16)
(T, Th)
Parish Nursing (8)
Volunteer Ministry Center (6-8)
(T, W, Th)
Primary Agencies
Spring 2014
Clinical Dates
1st half of semester:
Tuesday, 1/21 through Friday, 2/28
2nd half of semester:
Tuesday, 3/4 through Thur, 4/17
Spring Break: 3/17-4/21
Spring Recess: 4/18
With the same group each week, will go to the same agency on the same day each week for 6 weeks for a total of 6 primary clinical days
Includes trips to Costa Rica, Red Bird and Cherokee
Primary Experiences
Secondary Experiences
A total of 4 secondary days will be assigned by clinical coordinator
Each student will do
1 day of Mobile Meals
1 day of health fair
1 day of Knox County Health Dept.
Other clinical sites:
Sertoma Center
Lost Sheep Ministries
other opportunities as determined
Secondary experiences will usually be done on days opposite the primary days
If primary is on Tues or Wed then secondary will be on Thurs or Fri (and visa versa)
Due to limited availability of some sites, secondary days may occasionally be scheduled on a day that is before or after your primary day
Health fairs for Group A: Arranged through primary experience
Health fair for Group B: Health Beat health fair (at UT) on 4/1 (setup) and 4/2
Office on Aging (8)
Knox County Schools (16)
(T, Th)
Volunteer Ministry Center (6-8)
(T, W, Th)
Red Bird (12)
#1: 3/10-14
#2: 4/7-10
Costa Rica (filled separately)
Cherokee (5)
3/26-27 AND 4/16-17

Group A
Group B
Office on Aging: Project LIVE
"The goal of Project LIVE (Living Independently through Volunteer Efforts) is to keep Knox County seniors (age 60+) living in their choice of residence as long as possible. The program’s primary focus is to serve homebound seniors who have limited support systems and who are unable to pay for necessary minor home repairs or safety modifications to be able to stay safely in their own homes."
Home visits
Hours: usually 9-3 (meet with caseworker/instructor at OOA at 9 and with instructor at 1:30)
Parish/Faith Community Nursing
Site: Wallace Memorial Baptist Church
Home visits made specially selected older clients who are unable to attend worship regularly
Other elderly aged activities
While "faith-based", students are not required/pressured to participate in any type of religious activities
Knox County Schools
4 Schools
Christenberry Elementary
Lonsdale Elementary
A. L. Lotts Elementary
Vine Middle
Work with school nurses
2 students/school/day (may rotate)
Hours: 8am-2pm (conference with instructor at end of day)
Bridge Refugee Services
"Bridge Refugee Services is an ecumenical 501(c)3 nonprofit agency, operating in Knoxville and Chattanooga, and is committed to providing protection and assistance in refugees’ inspiring journey "from despair to dignity". We recognize their plight, resilience and willingness to join our community and make it their own."
Agency located on Middlebrook Pike
Red Bird Mission
Mission run by the United Methodist Church
Rural Appalachia experience (Beverly, KY)
School clinic
Senior center
Home visits with public health nurse
Mobile Meals
Visit to Frontier Nursing Service in Hayden, KY
Two groups of 8 students
Cost: May be $250-$300 per student but actual cost not determined yet. (Covers transportation, lodging, and meals)
Counts as entire Primary experience (6 days), but will still be doing secondary experiences
leaving Knoxville on Monday around 1pm and returning Friday around 5
Students selected for this trip will need to be in Group B and do their Med Surg clinicals in 1st half of semester
While "faith-based", students are not required/pressured to participate in any type of religious activities
Essay is required for application to this experience
Costa Rica Trip
Organized and applied for through Dr. Lynn Blackburn
Counts as entire primary experience. Will still be scheduled for secondary experiences.
Students going on this trip will need to be in Group B and do their Med Surg clinicals during the 1st half of the semester
Volunteer Ministry Center
"The Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC) was established in 1987 and offers specialized services to the homeless and those within our community who are in crisis. VMC’s programs support its two-fold mission of facilitating permanent supportive housing for those who are homeless and providing services to prevent homelessness. "
Day program
Cherokee Clinic
Home visits to Minvilla Manor
While "faith-based", students are not required/pressured to participate in any type of religious activities
Preference Selection
You will indicate your 1st and 2nd choice preferences for primary sites on form sent through email.
An essay must accompany preferences of Red Bird or Cherokee
Those students going on the international trip please indicate that on form
Email form to tbland@utk.edu
If there are available spaces open, you will be assigned to preferred site. E.g. if only 6 students select Bridge as their 1st choice, then all 6 will be assigned to that site.
If the number of students who select a site as 1st choice exceeds the number spaces available, a drawing will be held to select students.
During the
lunch break on 11/11
, there will be a public drawing for preferred sites as needed in order to fill spaces
"Cherokee, North Carolina is home to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI). There are about 13,400 EBCI members, most of whom live on the Reservation. Properly called the Qualla Boundary, the Reservation is slightly more than 56,000 acres held in trust by the federal government specifically for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians."
This is a commitment of 2 2-day trips: 3/26-27 AND 4/16-17.
Essay is required for application to this experience
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Community clinicals 1st half of semester
Med Surg clinicals 2nd half of semester
Med Surg clinicals 1st half of semester
Community clinicals 2nd half of semester
Group A
Group B
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