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Terminology of an Informative Essay

No description

Jeanine Bruno

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Terminology of an Informative Essay

Terminology of an Informative Essay
A word or phrase that tells what the essay is about.
Text Structure
The organizational pattern of an essay; introduction, main body, and conclusion.
The controlling, or overarching, idea that states the main point the writer chooses to make.
Supporting Evidence
Relevant quotations and concrete details that support the focus.
Domain-specific Vocabulary
Content-specific words that are not generally used in conversation.
Text Features
Features that help organize the text.
Boldface Type
Italic Type
Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Sidebars and Graphic Aids
What is the essay about?
Chronological (First, Second, Third)
Compare and Contrast (This vs That)
Spatial (Details Expand Out)
What is the point of the essay?
What evidence is provided to support the topic?
What words are unique to the subject area?
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