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A research project I am doing on Vocaloid, for my Learning Tools class.

Mia Narwhal

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of Vocaloid

Vocaloid What is Vocaloid? Vocaloid is a voice synthesizing program for Windows. It is intended to be used to create songs. There are many different voices in Vocaloid. They have fictional characters for each Vocaloid voice. So how does Vocaloid work? The exact methods are kept a secret by the company, but the main idea is that a person would have clips of their voice recorded and used as the voicebank in the program. The user simply types lyrics and a melody into the program, and then the program puts the clips of the voice together using complex algorithms to create a synthesized singing voice. The user can also edit the voice afterwards to make it sound exactly as they wish. The characters each have a name and design, and are used mainly for marketing. They do not have a specific personality. What kinds of songs are made with Vocaloid? Being a Japanese program, most of the Vocaloids are used for J-Pop (Japanese Pop Music). However, there are other Vocaloids used for different genres and languages. Since the program is made to only synthesize vocals, instrumentals must be added later to the track, usually through a seperate program. Have any Vocaloid songs 'hit the mainstream'? A few, particularly in Japan. In the US, Vocaloid is not very well known, apart from the fact that the background music in the "Nyan Cat" viral video does in fact feature a Vocaloid as the lead vocals. Who made Vocaloid? Many companies have created/distributed Vocaloid software. Yamaha was the company to actually create the program itself, but most Vocaloid voicebanks and characters where designed by companies such as Zero-G, Crypton Future Media, PowerFX, Internet Co., AH Software, and Sony. Sources:





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