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Benefits of Physical Activity

By Louise Leung

Louise L

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Benefits of Physical Activity

By Louise Leung
Benefits of Physical Activity
What is Physical Activity?
Physical activity is any sort of exercise that improves or sustains a physical fitness, if done regularly, as well as overall keeping you and your body healthy.
Physical activity is classified into three different categories: incidental, moderate and vigorous.
Different types of physical activity
The five different areas of health are:

Physical activity benefits all these areas in one way or another.
Benefits of physical activity in different areas of health
There are many health problems that can be caused by not participating in physical activity, especially in elders.
Incidental Physical Activity
Moderate Physical Activity
Vigorous Physical Activity
Health Problem No.
Health Problem No.
Health Problem No.
Incidental activity is activity that is done but not primarily to balance your lifestyle or to keep yourself fit. There is no routine and no planning of it, you simply just do it whenever. For example: walking to work/school, doing chores around the house such as vacuuming and cleaning your room and even tending to the garden.
Moderate activity is exercise where you will sweat and feel slightly exhausted or out of breath but you are still able to converse with someone else while participating in that activity. For example, power walking, having the occupation of a builder and also participating in sports and games with children.
The most obvious benefit of physical activity is a positive body image. When you exercise you are burning off all the calories that you have put on by consuming fatty foods. Having a positive body image leads to many positive effects such as better confidence.
Vigorous physical activity requires a huge amount of effort and energy, causes fast/rapid breathing and increases your heart rate extensively. Examples of vigorous physical activity can be, competitive sports, fast cycling and swimming and running. Depending on how long you take part in these activities they can sometimes be classified as moderate as well.
Your social health is benefited a huge amount while participating in physical activity, for example you will definitely make new friendships, with your teammates because you may find that it is easier to communicate with someone that you have something in common with.
Physical activity helps to stimulate cognitive function because when you are outside and breathing in fresh air, it helps to clear you mind. Therefore leading to help you concentrate better with a clearer mind.
Physical activity can decrease your chances of feeling depressed. When you participate in physical activity your body releases endorphins. Endorphins is made up of two words, 'endo' meaning inside and 'morphine' meaning pain killer. So when you put the two words together it means a natural pain killer that is made by our body. A study has shown that endorphins can also help to reduce stress levels.
Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
Type 2 diabetes is when your body is not able to effectively use the insulin that has been produced by your pancreas and also when your body can not properly control the glucose level in your blood.
Type 2 diabetes often occurs when a person is OVERWEIGHT, not participating in enough physical activity can often lead to being obese.
Elders are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, even though it can happen to anyone, because they are less likely to go out every day and play in competitive sports or engage in some sort of physical activity every single day.
Symptoms Associated with Diabetes
Osteoporosis is when your bones become brittle, fragile and weak, causing your bones to break easier. Of course everyone knows that osteoporosis is caused by not having enough calcium but osteoporosis can also be caused by not enough strength training (physical activity). A recent study tested a group of women from ages 50 to 70. The study took a whole year to be completed. One group strength trained twice a week and group two did what they would normally do without any extra physical activity. After a year the bone density of the women's hips and spines were measured and the results showed that the group who strength trained gained 1% of density while group two lost 2.5% of density in their bones.
High blood pressure is when your blood pressure remains at a really high rate. One of the major causes of high blood pressure is not enough participation in physical activity. Physical activity causes your blood pressure to rise for a short time but when you have a rest it should lower back to your normal rate quite quickly, the quicker the better. Doctors normally recommend physical activity and medication to control you blood pressure levels but if it is too high the doctor may not recommend physical activity straight away in case it doesn't lower to its normal rate fast enough.
What bones look like with and without osteoporosis
How blood pressure can be measured
Physical activity can also help you cope better with stress because when you are training or exercising you clear your mind from everything else and concentrate on reaching your goal of being fit. This then takes your mind off the stress of what you have to do tomorrow or next week.
Lastly physical activity helps to increase your concentration span during school or work, because when you exercise you are increasing your heart rate, which in turn, increases the flow of blood to your brain. This is a benefit for everyone because you may often find yourself tired or distracted easily when you are at either work or school.
Physical activity is a natural remedy to gain confidence. If you are obese and you let yourself think that you can't socialize with people that you call your friends then you aren't confident enough. To fix this you can participate in physical activity which gives you a positive body image and then makes you feel so good about yourself that you will want to socialize with everyone.
Physical activity
decreases chances of
your organs deteriorating
and decreases chances
of later life diseases.
Your chances of getting later life diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and every other disease is decreased because when you participate in physical activity you are using all your energy which keeps your internal organs healthy and strong for a longer time.
As well as making friends you will also develop your communication skills, because when you are out on the field playing a game of sports, communication is a big part of the game. Whether it being just chit chat or shouting at each other trying to get the ball. All this leads to better communication skills, even before or after the game you will normally find yourself getting to know your teammates better.
Physical activity can help you to sleep much better in terms of longer periods of sleep without waking up every few hours. After a day of vigorous exercise you will definitely feel tired when you get into bed at night and fall straight into deep sleep.
Having a clearer mind is also another benefit of physical activity for your spiritual health. A common line that most people have heard of before is, 'go for a jog and clear your mind'. There has been many studies that show people who participate in physical activity at least 30 minutes a day will have a better concentration span because of having a cleared mind.
Physical activity also improves your muscle tone. Muscle tone is when your muscles, mostly commonly the bicep and abdomens (abs), has a firm feeling and appearance to it. To tone your muscles, you must first, exercise your whole body and try and get rid of a thin layer of fat, then this is where strength training comes in. After you have gotten rid of some fat you strength train, this means training for some amount of time with weights. After a while you may notice your muscles showing themselves a bit more, this means you have toned your muscles.
Overall, it is hard to distinguish between the benefits of physical activity for your social, emotional and mental health. "Domino effect" - physical activity makes you feel better which gives you confidence and in order it makes you more sociable. One thing leads to another. Being more sociable means that you are able to interact better with others and there won't be that many awkward silent moments anymore.
If you find that you are constantly angry and always have the urge to shout and scream then you should participate in more physical activity. There has been studies by psychologists, who have proved that a group of children who are always outdoors, are more calm when they are told to be quiet. Another group of kids who spend more time indoors, get more aggravated when they are told to do something that they don't wish to do.
Participating in yoga, can help people to learn that it is better to slow down in life. You do not have to have a fast paced life and rush everything. Slowing down in life and thinking about your decisions will make things better for you and your surroundings. Slowing down in life also has benefits for your body and decreases chances of diseases.
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