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World War II


Dan Law

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of World War II

Nazi-Soviet Pact
Miracle at Dunkirk
Maginot Line
Lessons of World War I?
Defend in style...for $100 million
One problem, though...
9 day evacuation of Allied troops
Saves nearly 400,000 soldiers
Hitler's big mistake? Not finishing them off
London Blitz
Part of the "Battle of Britain:" 57 consecutive nights of bombing
Hitler's big mistake? Targeting cities!
Invasion of the Soviet Union
The honeymoon is over...
Largest military offensive in history: 4.5 million troops - 1800 mile front!
Hitler's big mistake: Getting stuck in Russia...in winter!
The War Opens in Europe
World War II
Non-aggression pact
Divided Poland & Eastern Europe
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