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I Declare You GUILTY

No description

Kimberly Gomez

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of I Declare You GUILTY

I Declare You GUILTY
Although he didn't commit the murder he could have stopped it.
If he hadn't given the orders his men wouldn't have done it.
For oppressing his men to the point where they felt the need to do what he said.
For exploiting the land of the Tainos
Promising the King and Queen slaves and gold.
Columbus' Men
Just like Columbus, they could've stopped the murder.
They committed the murder
Chased after Tainos with dogs and killed them, which show they had no intentions of letting them be free.
Never did the think of opposing to Columbus' orders.
The System Of Empire
"White christians are considered human, others are inferior or slaves." - The System of Empire, in court, March 6th
hey could've stopped everything from the very start and things wouldn't have gotten that far.
Used the church and religion as a for of manipulation to get the Tainos to be christians.
They're the ones who made let this continue to happen.
*King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella*
They never opposed to Columbus' actions and if they did there is no evidence of it.
They could've stopped the murder and abuse of thousand of Tainos.
Only wanted their gold and salves, they didn't care how.
What's the crime?
Columbus, King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, The System of Empire, The Tainos and Columbus' men are all being charge with the murder and mistreatent of thousands, perhaps millions, of Taino indians.

These are the people I believe are responsible:

Everyone is guilty except the Tainos , because they are the victims. Columbus, his men, King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, and The System of Empire could've stopped this from happening but didn't. They also had no intentions of. All four groups are responsible of the mistreatment and murder of thousand of Taino Indians are CRIMINALS.
By:Kimberly Gomez 9B
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