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Internship Final Report - PwC Fall 2012

Created By TUNG Ho Lam, Jim (SID52576397)

Jim Tung

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Internship Final Report - PwC Fall 2012

Internship Final Report - AC4383
PwC Fall 2012
By Jim Tung (SID 52576397)
Manulife Financial Centre
Orientation Day
On the first day of working, three of us who were all tax interns from CityU, received training in MFC. A fantastic first impression to PwC was marked by the relaxing office environment with the sea view. Though we know our office was not here.
Staff access card &
In MFC, photos were taken for making the staff access card. All entrances into the offices would only be unblocked by access card.
new joiner's handbook
When colleagues did not recognize my face, they would find this photo in the system. All PwC faces are recorded in the "phone directory". It helped a lot for me to memorize people working in the same floor.
The handbook mentioned some working standards and document formats.
Group photo
Orientation Day
Name card
Orientation Day
During group discussion on Orientation day, we used this type of name cards to identify ourselves.
We had taken a memorable group photo at the end of the day. However, HR sent a different photo to us! I requested for the one.
2nd Group photo
Orientation Day
Oops! A wrong one again. I'm so mature in their mind! It's a pity we can't have the correct one until now.
Finally, we could go to our workplace!
The Landmark: Edinburgh Tower
Tax team location
The place where we spent two months, though short but unforgettable. The place where tons of works were waiting for us, but we want to stay longer. The place where we stayed longer than at home.
It was nearly our first stupid thing to do. Dislike the lifts we usually took, the selection of floor no. was done before entering the lifts. There is only alarm buttons in the lifts. Luckily we noticed the notes indicated in the photo and did not rush into the lifts.
Our office is located at a higher floor. Less time was spent on waiting lifts.
Lift buttons
21st Floor
21st floor
21st floor had a better decoration. Clients' meetings were usually be held here. Some special events would take place here. Examples are public talks, tea party, mega sales and so on. We had been here for only 2 times. 1st time was the first day working at ET and waited at here for administrative works. 2nd time was joining the tea party for celebrating people promoting to managers.
People in the tea party showed their relaxed sides in the stressful working environment. Knowing when to relax and be serious is also a part of learning.
Tax comp
Learning experience
24th Floor
24st floor
Front wall
Name tag
My desk
We walked through here everyday for going to the scanners. The white words indicated which teams are located in this floor.
Name tag hanged near our work desks. "THLJ" was my "initial" which acted like a ID no.. It acted better than numbers. Letters in initials helped remind the linkage between initials and persons. THLJ links with Tung Ho Lam, Jim.
This photo captured the 1st time my desk was fully occupied by works. Challenges came to examine my work prioritization. Besides, I learned the importance of always keeping my workspace neat.
One file usually indicated one client case in one Y/A. Simple tax computations occupied most of my capacity at the time when I took this photo. Zero knowledge of tax made the works more challenging. By making use of time after finishing daily official works, I understood more about the tax laws and handled the works better.
Delivery sheet
Nearly all to-be-delivered mails had this note stapled on them. I had used up 2 packs of these sheets, which 1 pack consisted of 50 sheets.

Content in blanks like "Division", year of the date and the boxes near "ET", "Deliver to" and "Urgent" were all the same for all mails. I always used my idle time to fill up those blanks as much as possible.
At the beginning of internship, most of works were scanning and printing. This machine is equipped with these two functions. There was only two scanners in our floor, which were all quite far from my desk. All my scanned documents would be sent to my notebook. Sometimes the system would had no response. We would only know that after walking back to our desks. Then all scanning had to be redone in that case. That was heartbroken.
Photocopying machine
Until the end of the 1st month, I found that this machine could automatically stapled or punched the documents. It greatly increased my efficiency as I didn't have to divide and staple each sets of pages. Being curious about the right thing helps me to explore and learn more.
File type
Useful documents had to be filed in these three types of folders. Red: Billing; Yellow: Consulting; Green: Profits tax return. Inside each folder, documents had further categorization such as IRD's documents, finalized documents, workings and so on. By categorizing different documents, I learned more about tax and the whole process of a tax case.
I usually prioritized filing works to the bottom on my to-do-list. Filing works are usually not urgent. Even when colleagues suddenly needed to read those documents, I could give them the unfiled ones first.
Unfiled documents
Documents which were going to be filed. They were placed on the ground due to insufficient space on my desk.
This photo is heartwarming to me. I found these documents near my place when went back to office on one morning. A female manager took all these documents to my desk from her place by her own hands. She also sent an email to me saying she knew I'm busy and told me to do that only if I am free, it's okay to leave it alone if I have no capacity. Her caring and kindness is so touching.
Scanning & printing
File type
File works
Last day
Thank-you gift to all colleagues
The chocolate we bought together to deliver our thankfulness to all colleagues. They all spent lots of time to teach us with patience and passion.
Gift from the manager I mentioned previously
The manager was on leave in the last week we stayed in office. I was not dare to imagine that, as an intern, I would receive gift from a manager. Best chocolate ever.
Our 'buddy'
'Buddy' means mentor. He is a CityU alumnus, who works seriously and acts as my role model. Because of him, we could quickly adapt to the new environment. We will have more gatherings in the future.
Besides our buddy, other colleagues are also very nice. The two girls standing on the right side always gave chances to us. They had assigned many different types of works such as stamp duty, transfer pricing, tax update and so on.
Admin. Secretary
This lady had helped us to print thousands of tax return forms. The originally serious-working-face was filled with smiles after receiving our chocolate.
Gift received
A PwC notebook received from a colleague sat behind me. Although we were in different teams, we always had nice talks with her.
Technical improvements
Job Planning
Better time management
Ways of work prioritization
Hardware Skill
Lotus Note
Microsoft Office
Tax Profession
Interpretation of tax update
Work processes of handling tax return cases
Real world practising on tax treatments
Personal Improvements
Working Attitude
Put ourselves in others' shoes
More contribution, more to learn
No matter how insignificant the jobs are, treat them all seriously
Passionate to help
Experience on investing relationships with colleagues
Find out my own meanings of working
Less words to deliver same meanings
More effective to receive others' messages
Continuously maintain high concentration for the whole day
The End
Thank you
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