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Grade 7 Parent Night Presentation

No description

Signe Finnbogason

on 12 January 2018

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Transcript of Grade 7 Parent Night Presentation

School Overview
Within Catchment Area
If currently attending one of North's catchment area public schools, registration will be taken care of by our counsellors. Otherwise, please phone the school for an appointment to register.
Tonight we will cover:
School overview
Student support
School organization
Grade 8 transition
Grade 8 course selection
Questions and displays

Student Life at North
Grade 8 Course Selection
Grade 7 Parent Information Evening
Excellence * Discovery * Service
Outside Catchment Area (within Burnaby)
Cross District Transfer Application (pink form)
Applications received at North, Feb. 1-28
Responses mailed before March 31
Outside Catchment Area (outside Burnaby)
Out of District Transfer Application (green form)
Application received at North Feb. 1-28
Responses mailed before March 31
Late applications
Received and responses mailed at end of each month
Mr. D. Rawnsley, Principal
Ms. D. Carr, Vice Principal (K-Z)
Mr. C. Martino, Vice Principal (A-J)
Student Services
Mr. M. Hawkins (A-Di)
Ms. Y. Hawkins (Do-J)
Ms. E. Hart (K-Man)
Ms. S. Finnbogason (Mao-S)
Ms. M. Smith (T-Z)
Student Support
Ms. S. Shahidi, Learning Support Dept. Head

Mr. L. Scaligine, AP/ Honours Coordinator

Mr. Paul Sandhu, Youth Services Worker

Ms. Gillian Chan, Settlement Worker

Ms. Jane Chow, International Student Support

Ms. M. Alves, Aboriginal Success Teacher

Ms. L. Lyons, Aboriginal Support Worker

School Overview
1850 students in grades 8-12
100 teachers
40 support staff
School Strengths
Variety of courses
Quality and size of Excel program
Success program
Extra-Curricular Programs
Active Citizenship
Vikings Read
Sports academies
ReThink (New!)
ELL Program
Hockey Academy 8-12 (Location: 8 Rinks)
Soccer Clinic 8-12 (Location: SFU)
Swim Academy 8-12 (Location: SFU)
Basketball Academy 8-12 (Location: Byrne Creek)
Connect and Success Programs
Modified Programs
Career Programs and ACE-IT
Excel Program
AP Capstone
Summit Diploma in Business
Burnaby North offers grade 8 Enriched classes in the following subject areas:
English Science
Math Art

Students can select Enriched classes on their course selection forms.

Assessment exams are no longer required for Enriched classes except for Math, and Art Enriched which requires completion of a portfolio assignment.

For information on Enriched courses, please see Mr. Scaligine or any department head.

Note: Students do not have to take courses on a pathway. It is possible to opt in or out of the program from year to year.
Grade 8 Enrichment Program
8:34 Warning Bell
8:40-10:02 Period 1
10:02-10:11 Nutrition Break
10:17-11:35 Period 2
11:35-12:14 Lunch
12:20-1:38 Period 3
1:45-3:03 Period 4
3:15-4:00 Success Program (M – Th)
Bell Schedule
Required Grade 8 Courses
Social Studies
Physical Education
Home Ec/ Tech Ed/ Digital Citizenship
Also: Health and Career Education
Art Enriched (application required)
Beginners Concert Band
Junior Concert Band*
Orchestra (Strings)*
Grade 8 Elective Courses
Classroom visits – counsellors visit family elementary schools
Students select courses
Complete course selection form
Enter courses in computer at North during Grade 7 visits
Course selection verification – April
If coming from a non-catchment school (e.g private school) and you live within our catchment, call for a registration package
Course Selection Process
Montecito: February 8
Westridge: February 9
Aubrey: February 22
Lochdale: February 14
Capitol Hill: February 21
Parkcrest: February 15
Sperling: February 27
Grade 7 Course Selection Presentation Dates
Please ask any questions you may have regarding Burnaby North and programs offered.

We encourage you to take a tour of the school now with our Leadership students. A question and answer session will begin at 7:45pm.

Thank you very much for coming this evening. If you have any questions after this evening, please telephone us at:
(604) 296-6875
Students take courses for the full year
8 classes (periods 1-8)
4 classes each day
2 classes in the morning
2 classes in the afternoon
School Organization
* The bell schedule is different on most Wednesdays in the school year due to tutorial time from 8:40-9:26am
Grade 8 Transition Support
Viking for a Day
Telephone calls last week of August
Welcome by mentors on first day
School tours by mentors on first day
Welcome BBQ
Grade 8 retreat
Peer mentors
Ongoing workshops in tutorials
Student Activities
Student Government
Grade 8 Council
Lunch time events
School musical
*Some previous experience needed
Learning Support Services and
English Language Learning
Supporting Students - Creating Success
The Success Program
Sometimes students need a place to work and get help before heading home

Supervised space to get help from peer tutors and a teacher- All subjects


Monday-Thursday 3:15-4pm

Any student that needs help, any student who has been asked by a teacher to attend, any student that has been asked by their parent or guardian to attend


room 32/33 South building
Helping Students Be Successful
Connect Program
Sr. Alternate Program
Pre-Employment Program
Access Program
Success Program
Individual Education Plan Support
Peer Tutoring
Math Buddies
English Language Learners
3 Levels- Assessed for placement
ELL 1- 4 courses
ELL 2- 3 courses
ELL 3- Min. 2 courses

Support Website:
Resources and Information
Speak with us tonight!
Please consult the school website
Phone the school
Email staff directly
emails available on the school website
...Working together on the next right step
Welcome to Burnaby North!
Victoria Korina
Owen Ebose
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