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lib hist

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Jared

Conner M. Garlin
1. Conner was born on June 2, 1919
2. First Lieutenant in the 3rd infantry division
3. Intelligence Officer in the command post
4. My soldier faught in World War two
5. He was rewarded in 2018
6. Donald Trump
7. Aaron, Kentucky
8.He enlisted in 1941
10. He served in the United States Arny
Sammy L. Davis
1. Born November 1st, 1946 in French Camp, California
2. First Class soldier rank
3. U.S. Army 4th Artilery, 9th infantry Division
4. Vietnam War was the war he faught in
5. November 19th, 1968 was the date he was issued the medal of honor
6. Richard Nixon awarded him the Medal of honor
Sammy L. Davis
He showed tremendous courage for the actions he did in the war. Even though he was very injured, he continued to fight and swam a lake multiple times to save people. He never gave up for his country.
Conner M. Garlin
During World war II Conner showed a great amount of sacrifice. He had risked his life in order to save others. For that he is a true hero.
1. Both Davis and Garlin were in the U.S. Army
2. Both awarded Silver Star
3. Both awarded Purple Heart
4. Both were in first class rank
5. Both Sammy and Conner have children

1. They faught in different wars
2. They were awarded by different Presidents
3. Sammy was awarded by Richard Nixon, and Conner was awarded by Donald Trump
4. Conner was awarded posthumously
5. They were in different infantry divisions
Jared Doval and Jacob Deak
7. Dayton, Ohio
8. He enlisted after high school in Indianapolis
9. Served from 1965-1984
10. The year of Honor was 1967
War Saviors
Saviors of America
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