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Copy of presentation on extreme sports

extreme sports

Will Pettit

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of presentation on extreme sports

Extreme Sp rts By Will and Sam Basic knowledge Extreme sports are a type of sport that gets your adrenaline pumping. Many of the sports are dangerous and in some sports a wrong move could be fatal. But people enjoy them and are willing to take the risks. Types of extreme sport There are three main types of extreme sports; some are more dangerous than others but people are taking risks doing them all. Land extreme sport Water extreme sport Air extreme sport Abseiling Snowboarding
Inline skating Snowmobiling
All-terrain windsurfing Speed biking
BMX Steep skiing
Freestyle Motorcross
Freestyle scootering
Mountian boarding
Mountain biking
Free running
Skiing Air Chair
Bare Foot Water Skiing
Board sailing
Cliff Diving
Jet Skiing
Kite Boarding
Kite Surfing
Power Boat Racing
Wave Skiing
Windsurfing Aerobatics
B.A.S.E Jumping
Bungee jumping
Hang gliding
Ski Jumping
Ski Flying
Sky Diving
Sky Surfing BMX BMX is a sport where you use a specially disigned bike to perform tricks and stunts with the bike. Jed Mildon performed
the world's first triple
back flip on a BMX. FMX FMX stands for Freestyle Motocross.
It is a very dangerous sport because you perform tricks on motobikes in mid-air. some
of them are quite scary as you are
about to see some in action!! Air Chair Air chair is an extreme sport where
there is a seat on top of a wake board
and you perform tricks whilst being pulled
along by a boat. B.A.S.E Jumping B.A.S.E Jumping is a sport where
you jump off tall buildings, then
parachute down to the ground. The X games is the most important event in
extreme sportsperson's life. It is a huge event where all the big names in extreme sports compete in their category to win the title of world best at that sport. 1. How many back flips did
Jed Mildon do on a BMX?
A.3 B.5 C.2

2. How many people are there
in the nitro circus picture?
A. 22 B.25 C.24

3. Name three extreme sports? Quiz thank you
for watching any
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