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Mission Map

No description

Bonnie Pritchard

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Mission Map

Mission Map
1. Choose a Passion
1. Start with your passion....which of your passions do you want to learn more about ? You will be spending a lot of time researching and writing about this topic, make sure you LOVE it!
2. Brainstorm
Create a visual brainstorm of your thought process. You may use a computer mind map, use a template or draw your own on paper. Start with your passion, then brainstorm four possible people to research (you will have to research possibilities). Write down some information about each of the people. Write down what you might like to find out about or what you might like to do. This is a brainstorm!
3. Make a Plan
Choose a person and fill out a Mission Plan sheet...then meet with your teacher to go over your plan with you. You may alter or add to your plan as you go... only after meeting with an adult.
4. Research Time
You will start to take notes from 3 chosen resources, you must include one biographical source.
Who is your person---a basic bio?
What contribution did they make?
What challenges did they overcome?
How was at least one of our guiding principles important in their lives?
What connections to math can you find in their life?
How does this person’s life relate to your personal interests?

5. Questions to Answer About Your Person
Write constructive responses to answer each of these questions. Put into your PLP on the Mission Page.
6. Products

A written report- this is a five paragraph essay format.
Why is your person important to you?

A creative project using biographical information- eg. children’s book, song, dance, movie, photos or other.

A Night at the Wax Museum
You become your person.
You will write a bio about your person that you read as parents push your button at the museum night. It is up to you to create your setting.
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