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Hansen Shipping Agencies-Eng


Raymond Lee

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Hansen Shipping Agencies-Eng

Q&A Petro-Chemical Chartering Markets Hansen Group Total logistic solutions
Satisfying one-stop-shopping Company Awards Organization Chart established :1988 November
paid-in capitals: NTD 39million
owner James Wei
business license:
Shipping Agency Services
Ocean Freight Transportation Forwarding Services
Other Supporting Services to Transportation
staffs in taiwan :67 (by 2012 June) Brief of associated companies Sustainable development
Continuous renewal Mission and Vision Phnom Penh Hochiminh Shanghai Mailiao Kaohsiung Taipei Fulltime husbandry to vessel and cargo Experienced teamwork Aggressive marketing sales Providing correct information Transnational coverage Robust local relationships High market share with good reputation Healthy financial status & cash flow Competitive Advantages Shipping Owner's
Matters Port Information Protective Agent Port Agent Services Logistics Flexi bags Chartering
brokerage Freight
Forwarding ISO tank
containers Logistics Hansen Logistics HSA – Chtr. Dept. Agencies Mars shipping V.Ships Hansen (Taiwan) Our Principals Overseas V.Ships Hansen (China) Hoyer Transport Vietnam Sovereign Base Holdings Agent for IAL in Cambodia Vietnam business license re-organized as foreign joint stock company Purchased in asset of Taipei office Investment in KMSC (tugboat services) Launched Hoyer Flexibag services in Taiwan Agent for ZIM line in Cambodia Headquarter Kaohsiung relocated to Haibian Road Setup Taipei, Shanghai & Qingdao Branch offices Navigation rights on Mekong River & setup Sovereign base logistics holding Partnership Memo with NKMUniv. J.V. with V.ships UK and rename to V.ships Hansen Setup Hansen logistics Co. Ltd Founded in the living room of James Wei Expanded & owned Siwei 4th Rd. office Exclusive agent for HOYER isotanks in Taiwan Agency for m/v Sheng Da, China's 1st time (of past 43 yrs) offshore transshipment Merged in Mars shipping agency Landmark Events Business Structure Local expertise
Global capability Transnational Enterprises 2009 Outstanding contribution to Hansen by Kaohsiung habour 2007 President Wei awarded for Port contribution role model 2003 Qualified logistic company (1st time to ship agent) by Kaohsiung custom office 2002 Outstanding contributions to Hansen by Kaohsiung habour 2000 ISO9001-2000 certified (Reg.059-A) 1998 Outstanding contributions to Mars by Kaohsiung habour 2012 Banquet with MA 2009 ISO 9001-2008 certified (Reg. 059) 2010 G.M. Jennifer Hsieh elected as executive director of Ship Agencies Associations (2011-2014) 2010 2011 2012 2009 1988 1989 1990 1997 2002 feb 2004 2005 2006 Rep. office in Hochiminh city, Vietnam jul 2007 Acitivities Hansen Shipping Agencies
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