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The Avro 698 Vulcan B2 Bomber

This is a presentation I threw together for my Aerospace Engineering class. We did a project where we had to pick an airplane and use the airfoil profile to create and test a scale model of the wing. this presentation was used to introduce and clarify t

Joshua Lehew

on 23 November 2010

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Transcript of The Avro 698 Vulcan B2 Bomber

The Avro 698 Vulcan B2 Bomber A delta wing subsonic jet strategic bomber that was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1953 until 1984. In flight, the Vulcan was an agile aircraft for its size. * Crew: 5 (pilot, co-pilot, AEO, Navigator Radar, Navigator Plotter)[nb 1]
* Length: 97 ft 1 in (29.59 m)
* Wingspan: 99 ft 5 in (30.3 m)
* Height: 26 ft 6 in (8.0 m)
* Wing area: 3554 ft² (330.2 m²)
* Empty weight: 83,573 lb (including crew) (37,144 kg)
* Max takeoff weight: 170,000 lb (77,111 kg)
* Powerplant: 4× Bristol Olympus 101, or 102 or 104 turbojet, 11,000 lbf (49 kN) each * Maximum speed: Mach 0.96 (607 mph (1,040 km/h)) at altitude
* Cruise speed: Mach 0.86 (567 miles per hour (912 km/h)) at 45,000 ft
* Range: 2,607 mi (4,171 km)
* Service ceiling: 55,000 ft (17,000 m)
* Thrust/weight: 0.31
* 21 x 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of conventional bombs
* 1 x Blue Danube nuclear gravity bomb
* 1 x Violet Club 400-kiloton nuclear gravity bomb
* 1 x Yellow Sun Mk.1 400-kiloton nuclear gravity bomb
* 1 x Yellow Sun Mk 2 400-kiloton nuclear gravity bomb
* 1 x Red Beard nuclear gravity bomb
* 1 x Blue Steel rocket-propelled 1.1 megaton nuclear stand-off missile
Our Representation of the Avro Airfoil A couple of the difficulties we had with this airfoil was the exact shape. As you can see, it isnt an EXACT representation of the Vulcan's wing. Created By: Alex Lehew Jon Shinpaugh Rogelio Sierra Ian maynard Kevin Bradshaw The End However, it is as close as we could get it in the time allotted
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