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To Da-Duh

No description

Hana Teka

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of To Da-Duh

Paule Marshall To Da-Duh in Memoriam Characters Plot / Summary -Da-duh: An 80 year old woman who is the grandmother of the narrator
-Paule: A 10 year old granddaughter of Da-duh, who is also the narrator
-Barbados: A tropical island North of South America
Setting The characters knowingly participate in this rivalry. Da-duh has the knowledge that comes with age and experience, but the narrator has the brash confidence of youth Conflict Unrelenting- Not letting up or weakening
Austere-Very Plain Vocabulary This story is about a granddaughter and a grandmother having several arguments about the youth and the old the life (vise-versa) and the difference between New York and Barbados. Paule ends up learning more about Da-duh. The story ended with Paule finding out that her grandmother is dead.
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